Multivendor & Multilocation e-commerce.

Multivendor, multilocation and multilable. With NextChapter eCommerce you can connect an unlimited number of stock locations, suppliers and sellers to your own webshop, platform or marketplace. We keep all you data and products centralized in one overview. And the shop is seamlessly integrated with everyone's systems.
    • Multivendor

      Having multiple companies on your webshop, selling products (in)directly to your customers. In a collective, via dropshipment or in a marketplace solution.

    • Multilocation

      Shipping products to your customers from different locations: via warehouses, stores, hubs, dropshipment partners or other (vendor) locations.

    • Ready to go e-commerce solutions.

    • The NextChapter eCommerce platform offers the ideal solution multivendor e-commerce. With our PIM and OMS you can handle large quantities of products and data from different systems. Our Data Converter seamlessly integrates any vendor, supplier or partner with your e-commerce activities.

      Selling products from several stock locations or through different lables? No problem. We can handle any multichannel or omnichannel commerce situation.

        • Conversion driven

        • Serve customers throughout the customer journey with our conversion driven webshops with a proven track record.

        • Omnichannel success

        • Bridge the gap between the digital and the physical with Sales Assistent, display store stock and click & collect.

        • Marketplaces

        • Reach milions of new customers through by integrating with Europe's largest marketplaces.

        • Social commerce

        • Sell easily on all major social platforms and increase brand awareness.

        • PIM

        • Central database with perfect article data and specific content per sales channel. For small and very large numbers.

        • OMS

        • Process orders quick and fast through our central backend system.

        • Suite

        • Enjoy the advantages a the complete package: OMS, PIM, CMS, Stock, Logistics, Marketing, Pricing and Payments.

        • Modular

        • Pick only what you need the most and start enjoying the always running NextChapter Engine.

        • AI commerce

        • Opt for 10% to 20% organic revenu growth by displaying product offerings based on Artificial Intelligence.

        • SaaS+

        • Discover our unique combination of SaaS+ with custom made frontends and backend integrations.

        • Data Converter

        • Use our Data Converter to integrate seamlessly and flawlessly with external systems.

    • Example

      One webshop with products from different suppliers and vendors. Approved and connected by Get inspired by this closed marketplace solution.

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    • Case

      Multiple franchise stores, with a different product offering. Supplied from stores and stock hubs but sold from one central webshop. Sport 2000 knows how to do it.

    • Sport 2000 case
    • Case

      Euretco Fashion facilitates the webshops of more than 40 different brandshops on the NextChapter Platform. Taks a peak at their case and learn from Euretco Fashion.

    • Euretco case
    • SaaS and customization. 

    • In the NextChapter SaaS platform, all generic technology and functionalities are centrally built and innovated. For frontends and backend integrations, we can deliver any custom case. Our Data Converter provides flawless integrations with your systems and tose of your partner and vendors. We combine the power of SaaS with the flexibility of customization. Centralized in one dashboard. You get a powerful platform to keep on growing and become the best in your market.

A platform and partner to fulfil international ambitions with.

Kim van Zonneveld
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
Leclerc Baby

    • Discover your growth with our platform.  

    • Would you like to know more about your growth possibilities with Nextchapter eCommerce? Please contact us for a demonstration of our features.