NextChapter PIM Perfect article data on all your sales channels

Product information is the basis of successful e-commerce. Import article data from various sources and efficiently enrich your 'raw' data into perfect product information, specifically per sales channel for optimal sales results.

    • SAAS and still tailor made

    • NextChapter's PIM is made specifically for e-commerce. Headless, so easy to fit into your system landscape or as part of NextChapter's multiˣ suite. With a SAAS engine, in the cloud, without versions and very scalable.

      PIM is set up according to your specific situation. Only your data structure, languages, sales channels, prices, processes and features are prepared for you. Your team will certainly appreciate this, because it keeps PIM fast and clear.

      It doesn't matter whether you have 1 or 10 data sources, 1,000 or 1,000,000 SKUs, many or few product features. Whatever your situation, NextChapter PIM is flexible, scalable and full of efficient features.

    • Smart functionality that makes your life easier

    • Are you familiar with the challenge of getting a new collection, product group or even a complete productrange online? With NextChapter PIM your job will become much easier. These tools & functionalities will help you to get it done:

      • Flexible data schemes specific to your data structure

      • Import basis data via API, XML, Excel, CSV or any other other format you need

      • Mapping module for consistent data

      • Fast bulk enrichment via interfaces and Excel export/import

      • Specific product content per sales channel

      • Fine-grained validation for perfect item data per sales channel

      • Roles and rights

      • Features for working collectively with partners in your central PIM

    • Headless PIM optimized for Multivendor and Multichannel ecommerce

    • Multichannel: The best product information per target group. Provide all your sales channels (B2C, B2B, Marketplaces) with channel-specific article data. Fast, easy and quality assured from your central PIM.

      Multivendor: quickly more product range online. Increase your product range by collectively enriching article data with your team, your suppliers and external vendors, all centrally in your PIM.

With over 25 retail partners, we centrally enrich all article data, quickly, efficiently and error-free for all our sales channels.
/ Maurice van Franck - TopShoe
  • Why choose NextChapter eCommerce?

    A partner committed to your success

    We are a first mover in e-commerce and with our proven and award-winning knowledge we make your business more successful and ready for the future. Due to our licensing model, we are driven to maximum success. And we are cheaper in development and maintenance.

    Integral and user-friendly

    NextChapter systems and building blocks are also user-friendly and fit seamlessly with your existing systems and processes.

    SaaS and customization combination

    Thanks to the quality guarantee of SaaS, your subscription to innovation, and the flexibility of our customization, we give you an advantage over your competitors. We are also strong in complex projects.

    Scalable & always up to date

    The NextChapter platform is scalable and always up to date, without versions or migrations. This enables growth and allows you to keep up with fast market changes.

    • Next level building blocks

      Choose our strong performance, continuous innovation, smart features and en flawless processes.

        • PIM

        • NextChapter PIM guarantees perfect article data across all your sales channels. PIM processes and enriches data from external sources, such as suppliers. Scalable and practical.

        • Stock

        • Connect an infinite number of stock locations, such as shops, warehouses and suppliers, to the NextChapter platform realtime. The end of selling “no”.

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        • Prices

        • You can easily control prices across all your sales channels. Whether this is B2B, B2C or via a marketplace. Offers you security and assurance.

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        • Orders

        • Arrange everything around orders, shipments, statuses, fulfillment, returns, cancellations, payments and refunds. You're in control.

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        • CMS

        • User-friendliness is in our DNA. With the NextChapter CMS you manage your content across all webshops and channels. A true time saver.

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        • Marketing

        • Merchandising and marketing features with a focus on conversions, higherorder values ​​and returning customers. Aim for a higher turnover.

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        • Logistics

        • Our Logistics Information Management knows which parcels need to be sent when and where, directs carriers and can follow the process realtime. Keep a good overview of your process.

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        • Payments

        • Our platform arranges payment methods for your sales channels, refunds and the integration with various underlying payment service providers and loyalty providers.
          Professional and well organized.

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    • Discover your growth with the NextChapter platform.  

    • Would you like to know more about your growth possibilities with NextChapter eCommerce? Please contact us for a demonstration of our features.