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NextChapter is the combination of a unique eCommerce platform, ánd a partner that makes you successful in multichannel sales or becoming your own marketplace.
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Would you like to grow further, without technical limitations? Are you looking for a strong platform and a committed partner? A subscription to innovation and a lot of personal attention? Then NextChapter ís your next chapter.

The NextChapter platform has an extensive SaaS core in which technology and functionality are developed centrally. With it, we create unique webshop frontends and unlimited integrations with your systems. This makes NextChapter ideal for companies with ambitious eCommerce goals. The more complex your processes and legacies are, the more important it is to choose a platform partner who has experience with similar challenges.

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eCommerce Platform

NextChapter is the new generation eCommerce platform. Focused on successfully serving your customers. Designed and built on an omnichannel foundation in which the offline & online world comes together. Using modern technology, such as personalization through artificial intelligence (AI). And of course, SaaS at its core, with all the advantages of performance, cost savings, and tremendous quality. The NextChapter platform is fully loaded with all ecommerce features necessary to run an optimal webshop. In addition, we always stay a step ahead from our competitors though our continuous innovations and releases of new smart features. NextChapter integrates seamlessly with your systems such as ERP, POS (cash register) and stock systems.

Artificial Intelligence Personalisation

Personalization is key in optimally serving your potential customers and keeping them engaged throughout the purchasing journey. NextChapteris the market leader in providing personalised products and content presentation based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and real-time self learning machines. For each visitor and customer, our self learning algorithms automatically select and present the most relevant personalised products based on intelligent and contextually variables, which go far beyond click behaviour and interest. This is the true personal shopping experience for your customers which leads to substantial sales increase and improved customer retention.

Stock Management

Creating inventory management from an omnichannel perspective is one of Nextchapter’s core pillars. In NextChapter you can define and manage an infinite number of stock locations such as shops, stores, warehouses and suppliers in the eCommerce platform. Based on flexible business rules, NextChapter allocates sold items to various stock locations, enabling fast and efficient fulfilment. As one of the many benefits, customer service is able to arrange all the logistic processes in a clear and real-time manner. NextChapter’s platfor, can also show at which stock locations an item is available in your online store. This way we bridge the gap between the online and offline world, incentivizing your customers to visit the shop.

Product Information Management

Perfect product data has an important role in the success of eCommerce. Managing product information into complete and consistent data often proves to be a big challenge, especially when product data is imported from external systems. The NextChapter PIM is an indispensable module for online stores which want to present the perfect product data. In the NextChapter PIM we import product data efficiently from multiple sources such as ERP and supplier systems. Via our smart and user-friendly interface you can easily define your product assortment structure and quickly enrich and validate product information before publishing your products to all the eCommerce channels, external systems and marketplaces.

Online Marketing

After launching your omnichannel online store a new phase follows: successful exploitation. Marketing your online store is not an easy feat. NextChapter’s in-house online marketing team can assist you with this. Our team works based on a long-term strategy which we determine together with you. We execute the strategy through the use of various marketing channels which we continuously monitor and improve. Our approach is geared towards success: we do not report in hours, but in results. Our assignments are defined in targets, KPIs and ROI. In addition, we leverage our assignments by transferring our knowledge to your teams, accelerating the growth of your organization.

A platform with unique scaling capabilities


About Euretco Fashion

Euretco Fashion is the largest retailer organisation in Europe with more than 900 affiliated fashion retailers in the Netherlands.

What Euretco was looking for

An excellent omnichannel platform which facilitates the local retailers to gain a relevant position in serving the new online consumers.
A strategic partnership based on knowledge sharing for complex omnichannel processes. A close collaboration that quickly switches and continuously adapts to the market.

What Euretco achieved

A complete new platform which affiliated retailers are able to quickly launch and run a high-quality and competitive online fashion eCommerce solution. Continuous growth of turnover and customers. Scalability and new opportunities for retailers.

Technical and business knowledge for fast growth

B2B & B2C Webshops Online

About Schroeven-online

Schroeven-Online is the online specialist in screws with a large and deep assortment. With clear propositions, consumers (B2C) and business customers (B2B) are served in the Netherlands and Belgium.

What Schroeven-online was looking for

A new eCommerce platform for the Netherlands and Belgium focused on efficiency, specialism and conversion. Clear and effective online marketing strategy and execution based on realistic targets. Fast acquisition of new customers and efficient retention of existing customers with minimal impact on costs and the internal organisation.

What Schroeven-online achieved

An effective marketing approach with good, stable results including a tripling of turnover and customers within the existing organisation. Elaboration of new ideas for market approach and expansion of brand awareness. A pragmatic online marketing process with the right tools for continuous optimization of campaigns.

Omnichannel commerce is how we share our relevance for customers


About Van Dalen

Van Dalen is a renowned shoe store concept with 14 stores in the Netherlands. With its own label and various top brands, Van Dalen offers high-quality and tasteful shoes. Timeless items are mixed with trendy details for the modern woman and man.

What Van Dalen was looking for

An Omnichannel Commerce platform with which Van Dalen can realize stylish branding and strong Omnichannel processes. An online proposition that radiates expertise and at the same time serves as a bridge function to the 14 stores.

What Van Dalen achieved

A webshop with which Van Dalen optimally communicates their attention to detail, taste and quality in a stylish design. Strong Omnichannel processes that allow customers online a wide choice from the cumulated range of all 14 stores. Decentralized order allocation and fulfillment from stores.
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