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Whitepaper: Replatforming Best of Suite or Best of Breed

Menno Hoek -

Are you an entrepreneur or responsible for e-commerce? Then you know better than anyone else that the e-commerce market is constantly evolving. E-commerce platforms and solutions are also changing. These constant changes put pressure on companies and on you yourself, because to be competitive you have to keep up and move with the times.

A common challenge for companies is that their e-commerce solution (sometimes just an online store, sometimes more comprehensive) was developed several years ago. The development fit the possibilities - but also the limitations - of the time. Think of self-build, open source (-self-build) and closed SAAS solutions. With self-build and open source you have to deal with aging source code and versions (+ migrations) and with closed SAAS you run into limits if you want to take the next step. All in all, often time-consuming and costly.

So it's time to replatform. In this white paper, we cover the two most popular options at the moment. Will you choose a Best of Suite or a Best of Breed solution? Find out what opportunities and possibilities both options bring you and what challenges and risks you need to consider.

With the whitepaper Replatforming: Best of Suite or Best of Breed, we want to give you insight into all aspects of both options. Here we want to help you make a well-considered choice for your new e-commerce platform.

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