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NextChapter for Retailers

Today's retailer and retail chain operates omnichannel: their customer has one experience in-store and online. Retail is alive and kicking - if adapted to modern consumer behavior. Retailers distinguish themselves with (large or specific) assortment, knowledge, service, experience and specialization. New strategies are longtail, dropshipment and becoming a marketplace themselves. With the NextChapter multiˣ suite you make them come true.

  • Retailers working with NextChapter

  • NextChapter geeft Retailers een naadloze integratie tussen winkels en webshops
    • Seamless integration of online and offline

    • Managing inventory poses one of the biggest challenges for retailers, especially at a time when sales are made through various channels such as physical stores, online shops and marketplaces. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date inventory data is essential to avoid disappointing customers with sold-out products or delayed deliveries.

      At NextChapter, we understand these challenges like no other. With our multiˣ suite, retailers can efficiently manage their inventory and centrally track all orders regardless of sales channel. As a result, retailers maintain complete control over their inventory levels and orders, enabling them to provide optimal customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

    • multiˣ suite for Retailers

    • Our multiˣ suite enables retailers to successfully sell across multiple channels to provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers. The multiˣ suite provides a powerful solution to manage all sales channels, inventory locations, order data and more from one centralized environment. This gives retailers complete control over their inventory levels, order processing and customer data, no matter where sales are made.

      The NextChapter multiˣ suite consists of a complete e-commerce engine equipped with modern retail web shops, a PIM, OMS and CMS. It also includes an extensive ecosystem of 500+ integrations and features that perfectly fit the needs of retailers. For example, it is possible to use your physical stores as inventory locations and place orders with affiliated physical stores or franchisees via order allocation rules. The assortment can be expanded via longtail and the webshop can be brought to your physical stores via the use of a column or tablet. Even growing into your own marketplace is no problem at all. The possibilities are endless.

      By means of our multiˣ connector we connect your existing systems and suppliers such as POS, WMS or ERP to the NextChapter multiˣ suite. All this results in lower costs, a short learning curve and a fast time-to-market.

  • Grow into a marketplace

    • NextChapter supports retailers from its specialty for years to successfully become a marketplace. More and more retailers choose to convert their webshop into a niche marketplace! As a result you will not only sell your own products, but other parties can also offer their assortment through your marketplace. It is obviously a radical step but it can bring you many interesting benefits as a retailer. Think of a wider assortment for customers, increased brand awareness and additional revenue streams without the need to develop or stock new products. By expanding your webshop into a marketplace, you can stay ahead of the competition, serve customers better and maximize your growth.

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    • Retailers choose NextChapter because of our:

    • De multiˣ suite wordt gebruikt door Sam Friday voor hun webshop met OMS en PIM
      • Modern web shops integrated with the physical stores for an ultimate omnichannel strategy.

      • Product Information Management (PIM) system for efficient management of article data from different data sources. Equipped with the latest techniques such as AI data enrichment.

      • Comprehensive Order Management System (OMS) for processing multichannel orders and multiple stock locations for Ship from Store, long-tail and dropshipment.

      • Merchants back-end interfaces for fulfillment from stores/sales locations.

      • Conversion-enhancing features for more sales and higher order value.

      • POS system integration for automatic customer, inventory and order data synchronization in the shop.

With over 25 retail partners, we centrally enrich all article data, quickly, efficiently and error-free for all our sales channels.

/ Maurice van Franck - TopShoe

  • One platform, endless growth opportunities.

    NextChapter eCommerce provides retailers and retail chains with a platform that allows them to successfully operate omnichannel. With a focus on flexible extensibility, NextChapter allows retailers to add additional features when they need them. Moreover, NextChapter believes in customer-driven innovations, so our platform grows with your ambitions.

    • Omnichannel sales, from one platform

    • Loyalty programs in webshops and stores

    • Perfect for international growth ambitions

    • Stock and data always up-to-date

    • Discover your growth with our platform.  

    • Would you like to know more about your growth possibilities with NextChapter eCommerce? Please contact us for a demonstration of our features.