Pure Player Houtmarkt heeft de ecommere webshop laten bouwen door NextChapter

NextChapter for Pure Players

As Pure Player, your focus is entirely on online sales. The e-commerce platform is the foundation of your business. But in addition to a robust e-commerce platform, you also need a powerful, modern webshop. This combination, enhanced with optimal capabilities for SEO, content, merchandising and online marketing, is essential in a competitive market where building a strong position is crucial. With NextChapter's multiˣ suite, Pure Players can realize their ambitions.

  • Pure players working with NextChapter

    • Building a strong identity

    • For Pure Players, the challenge lies in creating and maintaining brand visibility. With countless Pure Players competing for consumers' attention on various online platforms, the task of standing out is becoming increasingly complex. NextChapter provides Pure Players with the tools they need to effectively manage their brand presence and stand out from the competition. From creating compelling marketing campaigns, leveraging loyalty programs to leveraging social media platforms and collaborations with influencers.

    • multiˣ suite for Pure Players

    • The multiˣ suite provides Pure Players with everything they need to be successful online. The suite contains all necessary modules already integrated with each other. As a result you no longer have to build your own platform and you are live much faster at much lower cost, at a quality level much higher than you were used to.

      The NextChapter multiˣ suite is the all-in-one e-commerce engine with webshops, a PIM, OMS and CMS. It also includes an extensive ecosystem of 500+ integrations and features to suit the needs of Pure Players. This allows them to enrich product data with AI, execute their content strategy, optimize online marketing and SEO and, of course, everything with inventory and orders. Adding dropship partners for assortment expansion is easy.

      With our multiˣ connector we connect systems, such as your internal systems and the systems of suppliers. Think of ERP, finance, WMS, another PIM or OMS, and so on. The multiˣ connector is configurable, so we can really handle any technical case imaginable. The end result is lower costs, a shorter learning curve and high-quality stable integrations.

  • A physical store in addition to the webshop

    • As a Pure Player, you are primarily concerned with online sales. An interesting development is the expansion into physical stores or popup stores. You become more visible, create service points and can better acquaint your customers with your products. You then actually go through an omnichannel development "the other way around." NextChapter is an omnichannel specialist and the multiˣ suite offers all possibilities for this strategic approach!

      Our (r)etail solution goes much further than just providing a webshop channel. With NextChapter Pure Players can connect their online and offline world. Think of all e-commerce processes regarding product data, stock, orders, returns, pick-up points and integration with a POS / cash register system. And if an omnichannel plan is not an issue right now, it's a nice thought that it could be later.

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    • Pure Players can add physical stores alongside their NextChapter webshop
    • Retailers choose NextChapter because of our:

      • Powerful and modern webshops with a strong focus on User Experience (UX).

      • An advanced Product Information Management (PIM) system for efficiently managing product data from various sources, including AI data enrichment.

      • Comprehensive Order Management System (OMS) for processing multichannel orders and managing multiple inventory locations, suitable for Ship from Store, longtail, and dropshipment.

      • Integration with SEO, AI, and online marketing solutions for optimal positions in search engines.

      • Building brand authority in the webshop through blogs and inspirational video content.

      • Increasing revenue by implementing new monetization models such as RetailMedia.

      • The ability to manage physical stores from one central platform.

An effective omnichannel approach with great, stable results including triple times our turnover.

Stefan Heijink
Schroeven Online

  • One platform, endless growth opportunities.

    NextChapter eCommerce provides Pure Players/ eTailers with a platform that allows them to successfully sell online. With a strong focus on customer experience, online marketing and creating strong brand visibility. NextChapter's flexible eCommerce suite allows Pure Players to add additional features as they need them.

    • All online sales, from one platform

    • Loyalty programs in webshop

    • Connecting dropship partners

    • Perfectly suited for starting physical stores.

    • Discover your growth with our platform.  

    • Would you like to know more about your growth possibilities with NextChapter eCommerce? Please contact us for a demonstration of our features.