De multiˣ suite wordt gebruikt door Sam Friday voor hun webshop met OMS en PIM

NextChapter webshop with CMS

NextChapter's webshops and CMS are suitable for any type of e-commerce organization. Whether you are a B2C, B2B or D2C company, we create webshops that perfectly match your specific wishes, needs and target group. Whether you are a brand manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler, we develop the webshop that allows you to grow.

    • Webshop that grows with you

    • NextChapter webshops grow seamlessly with you. Start with what you need and expand at your pace, efficiently and cost-effectively.

    • Manage from one dashboard

    • With the NextChapter CMS you manage all your content, SEO and promotions of all webshops from one clear dashboard.

    • About our webshops and CMS

    • At NextChapter, we understand that every webshop must be unique. Our UX designers create a design that perfectly suits your needs, so that your webshop is not only user-friendly, but also converts effectively. Whether you start with a solid basis or an extensive webshop, your webshop(s) will grow flexibly with you. Thanks to built-in standard functionalities, you can expand quickly and cost-efficiently.

      You don't have to worry about the technical aspects of your webshop(s). We take care of everything, from innovations to hosting and security. Your webshops will always remain up-to-date and grow technologically with you, so that you can concentrate on online sales.

      Our CMS is the heart of your webshops. With a single dashboard you can effortlessly manage the content and SEO of multiple web shops. The user-friendly NextChapter CMS offers a range of merchandising and promotional functions to boost the results of your webshop(s).

    • Phases of creating your new webshop

      • Deepdive: During a fun energetic session, we'll get to know each other and your organization's technical playing field.

      • Creative session: Together with you, our UX designers and a project manager will brainstorm about the wishes, appearance, functions and possibilities of your new webshop(s).

      • Wireframe & Design: To give you a better picture, we create a wireframe based on the session and then a full design optimized for conversion.

      • Production: Once the design is approved, we start the production of the webshop(s).

      • Training and testing: After the web shop is produced, our project managers will train you in its use and we will conduct joint tests to ensure that everything meets your needs.

      • Going live: Only when everything has been tested and you are completely satisfied will we put the webshop(s) live for use.

    • Webshop as part of the multiˣ suite

    • Our web shops are not stand-alone platforms. In fact, they are fully integrated with all the components of our multiˣ suite. From Product Information Management (PIM) to Order Management System (OMS) and the multiˣ connector - we provide a cohesive ecosystem.

      The ecosystem provides turnkey integrations with more then 300 leading systems. NextChapter has instantly deployable integrations for marketplaces, payments, ERP and POS, conversion, personalization, merchandising, CDP, CRM, email marketing, affiliate marketing and logistics.

  • NextChapter biedt de multiˣ suite met prachtige webshop en CMS
    • Easy to use CMS

    • We understand the importance of easy management. Therefore, all our web shops are equipped with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), so you can effortlessly manage and modify your content. Read below some of the key features of our CMS:

      • Site-specific content: managing standard field names, buttons, menu items, etc. 

      • NextChapter Content Editor for creating content pages independently (drag & drop) 

      • Media Management (documents, images and video) 

      • Promotion Management: manage various promotions in the NextChapter Promotion module 

      • Logo Management 

      • Email Management 

      • Publication Management (publication timing for promotions, content and promotion banners) 

      • Forms Management (various options for compiling and managing forms) 

      • Blog 

      • Lookbook 

      • Loyalty / savings programme 

      • Catalogues 

    • Always up-to-date, no end-of-life problems

    • At NextChapter, we make sure your webshop is always up to date, without the fear of end-of-life problems. Our technology evolves along with the rapidly changing digital world. Innovation is at the heart of NextChapter. We continuously expand our webshop functionalities with new features. This way you always stay ahead in the competitive online market.

    • Discover your growth with our platform.  

    • Would you like to know more about your growth possibilities with NextChapter eCommerce? Please contact us for a demonstration of our features.