About NextChapter eCommerce.

NextChapter is a unique e-commerce cloud platform. We specialize in powerful multichannel & multivendor (marketplace) solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage. Modular or as a complete suite.
    • Collaborate directly with the creators of NextChapter

    • As a partner in growth, we are there for you day and night. Our team is trained to guide you from A-Z with personal attention and solution-oriented thinking. NextChapter has previously been awarded as the best eCommerce platform in the Benelux. We are proud of this and it underlines that we like to set the bar high. As your partner, we help you reach your targets, invest in your succes and share our insights with you so you can grow further. Specific customer innovations are created in our SaaS core and therefor easily available for you.

    • One platform, endless growth opportunities.

    • Carefree entrepreneurship, while your technology grows with you. The NextChapter eCommerce platform is a combination of SaaS software and customization, so that you are assured of innovation and a flawless integrations to your own systems.

      • Reliable and stable software

      • Combination of SaaS and customization

      • Scalable & always up to date

      • Constant innovation

    • Our mission.

    • We help ambitious companies realize their e-commerce potential by selling multichannel or becoming a marketplace ourselves.

      We achieve this with our Nextchapter SaaS platform in combination with customization, and by thinking along as a partner in your strategy and objectives. With our solutions you can easily take your next e-commerce step and your company grows further. And together with us you can take a key position in your industry or product segment.

    • Our vision.

    • Those who want to lead must innovate, explore new markets and distinguish themselves. You need a serious e-commerce platform that allows you to explore new markets and models. One you can rely on. With which you will still be successful in five years and with which you can continue to grow indefinitely. This is because, traditional sales models have transitioned into new e-commerce ecosystems. In which sellers unite, online and offline channels are connected, B2B channels break through to B2C markets, longtail opportunities are exploited and complex systems are integrated.

    • Our core values.

    • This is us. And what customers, partners and relations can expect from us:

      • LEADING & PROGRESSIVE. We want to be first and the best.

      • INNOVATIVE & SCALABLE. We are thought leaders and future-proof.

      • ENERGETIC. We have a deep-rooted passion for e-commerce.

      • ROBUST: our solutions are reliable and rock-solid.

      • COMMITTED. We are your partner and committed to your success.

The passion for e-commerce is deeply rooted in our company and this is reflected in the many innovations that we continuously make.

Michiel Bestebroer
NextChapter eCommerce

      • Working at NextChapter eCommerce.

      • NextChapter is an innovative und unique e-commerce platform with unlimited possibilities, also for its employees. We regularly have job openings for leading e-commerce experts, ambitious tech developers and passionate innovators for our teams.

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