multiˣ connector provides integrations with ERP, POS systems and wharehouse management systems (WMS), among others

NextChapter multiˣ connector

For the problem free and flexible linking and integration of your systems and data with the NextChapter e-commerce platform, we use our multiˣ connector. This is an application developed by us that allows us to connect with any system. The NextChapter multiˣ connector gives enormous flexibility and speed in making technical integrations and exchanging data.

    • Data integration with external systems

    • At NextChapter, we understand that data forms the essence of a well-functioning e-commerce platform. Whether it's product data, inventory information, prices, order details, or shipping information, exchanging data between NextChapter and external parties such as ERP systems, cash register systems, or Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is crucial. Each system has its own unique structure and requirements for data exchange. Some systems use XML, Excel, CSV, or have a specific API. Thanks to our multiˣ connector, your data is seamlessly transferred from the source to the desired destination.

      Another major advantage is that the multiˣ connector not only connects the data sources but also allows you to transform and manipulate data. This applies both from external tools to NextChapter and vice versa. It is precisely the ability to manipulate and transform data that makes the multiˣ connector such a unique and powerful application.

  • The multiˣ connector has a comprehensive e-commerce dashboard
    • Dashboard provides real-time insight

    • The multiˣ connector provides an advanced dashboard that gives you complete insights into all processes. As part of our iPAAS platform, the dashboard not only allows you to monitor your processes, but also to track progress and identify any errors. The dashboard is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the NextChapter multiˣ suite. With a single login, you can access your PIM, OMS and the dashboard. The dashboard covers a wide range of processes, not only focused on data, but also on all PIM processes, including exports and imports. Everything is clearly displayed in one intuitive interface.

      Within the interface you can track all individual tasks, including execution times, logins and status updates. If a task is not successfully completed, you can intervene immediately without depending on NextChapter. In addition, you receive immediate automated notification of any problems, allowing you to act quickly and re-run a process, for example.

    • The benefits of our multiˣ connector

    • The multiˣ connector offers you numerous benefits. Integrating your systems with NextChapter becomes easy and fast as a result. We've listed the key advantages for you.

      • Product within the multiˣ suite

      • No integration problems

      • Transform and manipulate data

      • Clear dashboard

      • Visibility of all your jobs (source/destinations)

      • Role management

      • Timing management

      • Run and modify jobs yourself

      • Error notifications

      • Insight into all your jobs including logging

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