NextChapter biedt de multiˣ suite met prachtige webshop en CMS

NextChapter's multiˣ suite

The multiˣ suite is the complete e-commerce platform with PIM, OMS, webshop storefront(s), CMS, gateway to 200+ marketplaces and integrations with your systems. The modules are composable in itself, but you'll understand: as a combination, they work perfectly together. The trend of companies choosing a different supplier for each module is reversing: the benefits of a well-working suite are too obvious.

      • Full power e-commerce

      • No endless searches for all kinds of separate modules that in the end don't really fit together. Or worries about technical maintenance and version updates. With the multiˣ suite you have a full power e-commerce platform. You just focus on your business.

        Just like 300+ other companies using NextChapter, you are assured of fast, up-to-date and innovative software.

        • everything you need for advanced e-commerce

        • Ecosystem of 800+ features and integrations

        • Composable modules, so no vendor-lockin

    • The multiˣ suite offers you

      • Webshop & CMS
        Beautiful, fast and converting webshops with the best features for more sales.

      • PIM
        Manage efficiently article data from all data sources and create perfect product information.

      • OMS

        Automated order management with realtime overview and insights

      • Marketplace gateway

        Integrate 200+ marketplaces, streamline your processes, and eliminate manual work

      • Integrations

        Easy integration through our API or alternative integration methods

    • Comparison multiˣ suite with standard webshop solution

    • NextChapter multiˣ suite comparison to regular webshop solution
    • Powerful tooling for various business models

    • Multichannel
      Reach your customers through various sales channels such as your own webshop (D2C, B2C, B2B) in one or more countries, 200+ international marketplaces and a growing number of social channels. In NextChapter you control all channels from a central PIM, OMS and CMS which we call the commerce engine.

      Are you a retail company and serve your customer both in-store and online? NextChapter is ideally suited for multichannel companies. Think of the smart alignment of your e-commerce channels with the modern shopping behavior of your customer, fulfillment from your stores (ship-from-store), omnichannel customer accounts and loyalty, omnichannel pricing, and so on.

      Multistock and multivendor
      Sell more through more supply, without buying extra yourself. Connecting (longtail) sales partners creates additional sales opportunities, such as in your webshop. NextChapter knows all stock locations and allocates + routes orders to the right locations. .

The extensive choice of directly deployable features offers DIDI fast and efficient implementation times
/ Paul de Vries - DIDI
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      • Whitepaper Replatforming: Best of Suite or Best of Breed
        Explore our whitepaper to understand the current most popular Replatforming options. We break down the choice between Best of Suite and Best of Breed solutions. Learn about the opportunities and possibilities each option offers, and the challenges and risks you might face. Download the whitepaper to make an informed decision on the right Replatforming approach for your organization.

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      • Discover your growth with the multiˣ suite.

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