Webinar Hoe start je een marktplaats

Webinar: How to start an online marketplace

On April 20, 2021, NextChapter eCommerce gave the webinar “How do I start an online marketplace?” given. You can view it here.

How do I start an online marketplace?

The opportunity to become a successful industry or niche marketplace is now. E-commerce is developing very quickly. And the decision to become a marketplace doesn't happen overnight. Therefore, realize that this can be the key to continuity and growth. Check whether your platform foundation is in order and build your own marketplace in phases.

Important Takeaways

  • the opportunities are here now!

  • it is much more than just a technical software project

  • your platform foundation can make or break you

  • develop step by step

  • it is the key to continuity and growth

  • “eat, or be eaten”

About the webinar “How do I start an online marketplace?”

NextChapter eCommerce is a leading eCommerce SaaS platform for multichannel selling and becoming a marketplace itself. During this webinar, our CEO Michiel Bestebroer talks about his vision on e-commerce based on his years of experience in the industry.

The big prediction in eCommerce is that there will be room for only one or a few dominant (niche) marketplaces per industry or product segment. It is therefore no longer a question of whether these will come, but when and who will claim these positions. That means a number of big players will swallow up the competition. It is therefore important that you determine where you want to go with your company. And how you can respond to this development in time.

In the webinar, Michiel addresses the Why, What & How questions about becoming a marketplace yourself. So what's going on around you? What does the client want? And what is the best strategy for you?


Do you have a question about how to start your own marketplace(s)? Would you like to spar with us for 15 minutes about your business case? Send an email to ivo@nextchapter-ecommerce.com.

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