E-commerce SaaS platform release notes

Release notes v1.53 – v1.56

Rogier Bestebroer -

In the releases of NextChapter v1.53 to v1.56 we have again made some nice improvements to the NextChapter platform. The most important developments at a glance:


NextChapter now has an Omnichannel Loyalty module. This makes it possible to better bind customers to you by letting them save balance/points for purchases in the webshop, but also for purchases in the store (if applicable). The Loyalty module is of course also available for online webshops without physical stores.

How does it work?

  • Customers request the customer card and register for Loyalty via the webshop;

  • The customer card can be either a physical or a virtual card;

  • Customers can use the pass with or without an account in the webshop;

  • In the checkout, the customer enters his customer card number in order to save and/or to use points for a purchase;

  • In 'My account' you can link the customer card number to the webshop account. As a result, the customer card number is automatically entered in the checkout, also for subsequent purchases;

  • With a purchase, the customer saves balance/points. You can decide for yourself how much is saved based on the purchase amount (eg 5% of the purchase amount, excluding shipping costs).

  • In the checkout, the customer can request how many loyalty points he/she has and decide for himself how many points he/she bets;

  • The customer settles the purchase amount minus the used balance/points via the Payment Service Provider.

  • In the event of returns, points saved and used will be deducted again.

The loyalty module works on the basis of a link with the Intersolve Loyalty platform. Intersolve is a specialized service provider in the field of gift card and loyalty applications.

Contact us for more information and the implementation of Loyalty for your webshop.


The NextChapter PIM has been greatly improved on a number of points.

Bulk actions

It has now become even easier to quickly adjust or enrich article data for several products at the same time. The bulk actions can be done via the PIM user interface or via the export/import of Excel files.

Advanced Mapping

With this, extensive mappings can be made for properties that are imported into PIM from external article data files. Through the mapping, the value of a property automatically refers to another value. For example: Size M = Size 50 or Color BLCK = Color Black. Both the original values ​​and the mapped values ​​are visible in PIM. In addition, conditions can also be given to the mappings, for example: For brand A color is Pink = color Pink. For brand B color is Pink = color Purple.

Content per channel

In PIM, different content can be created per product that is exported to different Commerce channels. For example, a product description can be made for one product for the B2C webshop, another product description for the B2B webshop and yet another product description for Amazon.

PIM backend user interface is now also available in English.

Customer groups for customer-specific prices

If you have discount agreements with (business) customers, you can now also show the customer-specific prices in the webshop.

The customer-specific price is determined on the basis of a discount percentage that is linked to a customer group, possibly in combination with a product group. Customers are assigned to a customer group, products to a product group.

For example, in customer group 1, a 5% discount applies to product group A and a 10% discount applies to product group B. In customer group 2, a 7% discount applies to product group A and 12% discount to product group B, etc.

The basic prices are shown by default on the webshop. When the customer is logged in to the webshop, the customer-specific prices are shown.

Import monitoring

A dashboard has been added in the back office of NextChapter for monitoring data imports. This dashboard is activated for all webshops that use links with external systems from which data is imported into NextChapter, such as: article data, stock, prices, shipping information and returns. The status of the imports can be followed on this dashboard.

We can implement a validation and a notification for each import. This means that if an import deviates from the validation (for example, a file was not submitted or the file was too small), an email will be sent. The validation will be implemented on an hourly basis.


In the NextChapter Backoffice, the 'customers' section has been migrated to Micro Services. The customer data is also sent and stored even better encrypted.


Do you have questions about the implementation of new functionalities on your webshop? Please contact us.