E-commerce SaaS platform release notes

Release notes v1.50 – v1.52

Rogier Bestebroer -

In the releases of NextChapter v1.50 to v1.52 we have made some great improvements. The most important developments at a glance are:

Sell ​​on more than 50 marketplaces

Reach millions of new consumers in Europe in one fell swoop. It is now possible to sell products from the NextChapter eCommerce platform on more than 50 different European general Marketplaces. Like Bol.com, Amazon Germany, UK and France etc, Ebay, AboutYou and many others.

For the integrations with these Marketplaces we work together with ChannelEngine, a pure specialist in this field. You can determine the assortment, prices and conditions such as shipping costs per marketplace. The connection between NextChapter eCommerce and the Marketplaces includes item data, orders, returns and shipping information. In NextChapter Order Management you alwaus find where the order has been placed.


NextChapter PIM has been greatly improved on a number of points. It is now even easier to quickly enrich and improve large amount of article data before they appear on your webshop(s). We have added various functionalities to better validate, edit, map, etc. your article data.

In addition, we have also made improvements to the PIM user interface. You can now easily filter on product properties and gain a clearer insight into the quality of the article data. This makes it easier to see which article data needs to be enriched or improved in order to display perfect product information on your webshop(s).


NextChapter eCommerce is now linked to the Intersolve loyalty module. This makes it possible to start an omnichannel loyalty program. In the upcoming months, loyalty will be further integrated into NextChapter eCommerce.

Carrier integrations

NextChapter is integrated with the carriers: PostNL, Red Je Pakketje (which makes Same Day Delivery possible automatically) and now also DHL.


NextChapter is directly linked to carrier DHL. In addition to Post NL and Red Je Pakketje, shipments can now also be registered directly with DHL via the NextChapter back office. For all carriers, you receive the address labels within NextChapter, you can print them and the track & trace link is automatically sent to the customer.

Return labels

For Post NL and DHL, you can also create return labels as an extra option. These can be printed with the shipping label to send directly in the package. For this you have to purchase this service from the carrier.

SSL procedure

As of October 1, 2019, NextChapter will change the process for the application and renewal of the SSL certificate. The most important change is that the entire SSL process will be performed entirely by NextChapter eCommerce from October 1st. This means that the current process that runs via Sentia will expire. In the new process, no manual actions are required, including confirmation of e-mails. This saves our customers hassle, time and costs. Well before the SSL for your webshop is extended, you will receive a message from us with further explanation and information.

Reserve feature

We have improved the option to reserve an item in the store. We have added the option for more customer fields in the reservation form. You can therefore indicate yourself which customer information you want to receive when a customer reserves an item via the webshop. We've also added the option to send customers an email when the item is ready for them.

Back office in German language

From now on it is also possible to display the entire back office in German. Handy for German-speaking colleagues.

Other updates

Bulk actions improved

You can now look up much more specific products in the NextChapter back office with bulk actions to change article data in bulk. It is now possible to search for products by filter category. The actions are still the same, only you can now much better select the group of products whose data you want to change.


NextChapter eCommerce is now linked with warehouse software Picqer. The link now consists of item data, orders and shipping information. From Picqer you can manage your stock and place smart purchase orders with your suppliers.


KiyOh has switched to a new system, NextChapter has adapted the integration to this so that everyone who works with KiyOh can continue to use it without problems.

Mailchimp update

We have improved our integration with MailChimp so that you can now also see the sales results per email campaign in MailChimp. This change will automatically apply to anyone using the MailChimp link with e-commerce data. Various performance improvements have been made so that processes in NextChapter are even faster.


With the development of our new back office, the 'Tags' tab has temporarily disappeared, but it will return in a renewed state in the new back office.


Do you have questions about the implementation of new functionalities on your webshop? Please contact us.