NextChapter introduceert AI in PIM via partner Fozzels

NextChapter introduces AI content enrichment in PIM

Menno Hoek -

NextChapter's PIM solution has been enhanced with an AI integration, taking a new step in article data enrichment. Our customers will save a lot of time with AI and the quality of content will increase significantly. With this, we anticipate the growing market demand for AI tools within our multiˣ suite.

NextChapter is partnering for the AI technology with Fozzels, an innovative player in AI-driven content enrichment. Together with Fozzels, NextChapter has developed an automated process. From PIM, important content fields are enriched by the AI technology and then stored back in PIM.

In e-commerce, the quality of product data is the basis for conversion. Having compelling and accurate product descriptions, SEO texts, titles, and so on, can differentiate you from a competitor and is very important for successful sales. Most companies still do this manually by product, a time-consuming task, especially with thousands of products that change regularly. With the AI module we solve this: with a few clicks of a button, thousands of products can be instantly enriched. Of course, you can then check and improve, before the content is sent to your webshop or marketplace.

AI-driven content enrichment

"At NextChapter, we are continuously working on improvements in unburdening our customers. One of the big challenges in the e-commerce industry is enriching article data. Without exception, we see companies struggling with this. So how cool is it that we have now expanded our PIM with the AI technology of partner Fozzels, allowing our customers to have access to tens of thousands of enriched products in no time. With this they score better with SEO and will be able to do business more successfully" said Michiel Bestebroer, CEO of NextChapter.

Benefits for e-commerce entrepreneurs

  • Huge savings in time and money: with this AI module, entrepreneurs can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent manually writing product content. The AI technology generates high-quality text based on prompts. This makes manual writing a thing of the past and saves e-commerce entrepreneurs a lot of time and money.

  • Improved SEO: Important SEO fields are enriched with AI, making them much more complete and richly indexed by search engines such as Google. Think of titles, meta descriptions and alt text. This automatically results in a better ranking of your shop in search results and more organic traffic.

  • Consistent quality: the AI module delivers consistent and high-quality content, regardless of the number of products in the assortment.Content based on product characteristics: You can even use article attributes to generate product descriptions. In fact, the AI even looks at the picture of an article and takes the information from it when generating text. This allows you to use information that you don't normally have. For example design, something about the collar or closures and pockets.

  • Increased customer experience and customer satisfaction: offering captivating and informative product descriptions will lead to a better customer experience among web shop visitors and increase overall customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to more (returning) customers and sales.

Are you curious whether the PIM AI module of NextChapter and Fozzels is interesting for your content enrichment? Then get in touch with us. We are happy to think along with you!

Menno Hoek
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