New initiative 'The Future Of Commerce' helps e-commerce entrepreneurs move into Europe

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Amsterdam - 31 January, 2023 - E-commerce entrepreneurs who want to enter the European market from now on the perfect accelerator to do so: the new partnership The Future Of Commerce. This partnership offers a unique one-stop "E-commerce as a Service" solution with a established e-commerce platform, first-class logistics & fulfillment and influencer marketing. The Future of Commerce is an initiative of NextChapter eCommerce, Supplime and D2C Company.

New initiative 'The Future Of Commerce' helps e-commerce entrepreneurs move into Europe

The Future Of Commerce (TFC) is a direct answer to current market needs. The initiators are the first to offer cross-border 'E-commerce as a Service'. They launched a one-stop e-commerce solution: a A to Z e-commerce process with online and influencer marketing, directly available e-commerce software (PIM, OMS, storefronts) and integrated logistics. As such, they offer online commerce, fulfillment and marketing as one integrated service.

This integrated e-commerce service is refreshingly new in the market; it allows brands and manufacturers to accelerate their online business without major upfront efforts or investments. Through The Future Of Commerce solution, they easily and quickly reach and attract customers and markets in new regions, including on-time delivery and fulfillment. The initiators are also constantly adding new e-commerce sales channels to help brands grow quickly and profitably.

For large and small brands

The Future Of Commerce gives both large and small brands an easy entry into the new world of state-of-the-art e-commerce. Larger brands can significantly streamline their existing international sales in line with the latest technical possibilities; smaller brands can immediately enter an end-to-end solution/offering for cross-border e-commerce.

Based on market demand

The Future Of Commerce offers an answer to a number of urgent current needs of brands & producers such as:

  • - End-to-end or partial unburdening in digital commerce;

  • Connecting new channels, such as influencers;

  • Fast and punctual delivery (preferably within 24 hours) throughout Europe;

  • A seamless and smoothly operating e-commerce process;

  • Cost savings thanks to streamlined supply chain and proven software;

  • First-party data analysis as a driver for marketing and remarketing;

  • Freeing up working capital for investment;

  • Focus on profitable growth.

Joining forces and experience

The Future Of Commerce is an initiative of three experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs: Rob van Gent / D2C Company (Direct-to-Consumer specialists), Michiel Bestebroer / NextChapter eCommerce (Multichannel and multivendor cloud e-commerce platform) and Bart de Rijke / Supplime (European E-commerce fulfillment & supply chain). Each carrying 20+ years of experience in their respective fields, they are now joining forces to help fellow entrepreneurs who want to conquer Europe with their e-business. In the near future, other complementary e-commerce companies are welcome and invited to join the TFC initiative.

Photo caption:
The Future Of Commerce founders [Bart de Rijke, Supplime], [Rob van Gent, DtC] and [Michiel Bestebroer, NextChapter] (from left to right): "Finally it's here: E-commerce as a Service."

Rob van Gent, TFC founder and CEO of D2C Company: "Our mission is to help brands better respond to today's world, where consumers are closer than ever. For the most impactful marketing, we use new channels like marketplaces & influencers, who play a huge role in making brands and products famous and achieving growth."

Michiel Bestebroer, TFC founder and CEO of NextChapter eCommerce: "Within TFC we are also working on vertical (specialized) marketplaces where brands can sell their products better than through the general horizontal marketplaces. The regular 'webshop' for brands will mainly revolve around brand experience and first party data will become the most important driver of marketing."

Bart de Rijke, TFC founder and CEO of Supplime: "Many brands underestimate the complexity and costs of supply chains abroad and lose much of their margin due to inefficiency. We provide optimization, cost savings and scalability in cross-border fulfillment. You don't have to reinvent the wheel - we've got you covered!"

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