Retailketen Sport 2000 verkoopt via het e-commere platform van NextChapter

SPORT 2000 - omnichannel ecommerce

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  • SPORT 2000, formula with +90 franchise entrepreneurs.

  • Multilocation & Ship from store eCommerce.

  • PIM: +500,000 SKUs, wide range of products in various categories.

  • Pricing module for optimized pricing strategy.

  • OMS for multilocation stock, order allocation, and automated processes.

  • Vendor console, the back office for stores for order processing and shipping.

  • Stable integrations with the total system landscape.

About SPORT 2000
SPORT 2000 is a renowned European sports retail franchise formula, with over 90 independent retail entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. As the licensee of the SPORT 2000 formula for the Netherlands, ANWR-GARANT Nederland B.V. is the largest Retail Service Organization for independent entrepreneurs in the footwear, sports, and outdoor industry, serving more than 450 retailers.

SPORT 2000 is at the forefront of the digital transition that retail entrepreneurs are undergoing. The formula leverages the power of collective collaboration within the assortment and optimizes it through online exposure, aiming to maximize revenue for all affiliated entrepreneurs.

"We chose NextChapter eCommerce because of its proven SaaS platform, excellent user-friendliness, scalability, and extensive functionalities for selling from stores and longtail on the webshop."

Maurice van Franck

Sport 2000 webshop omnichannel verkoop via ons ecommerce platformAmbitions and challenges
SPORT 2000 faced a challenging issue with their e-commerce infrastructure. The existing system comprised various standalone open-source solutions and custom-made systems, all interconnected as best as possible. They utilized a Magento webshop and various tools for pricing and importing product data. However, due to this complex structure, they could no longer meet the speed required by modern e-commerce. In other words, the systems, architecture, and costs for technical maintenance of IT projects were no longer sustainable within the growing market demands.

What SPORT 2000 needed
SPORT 2000 faced several major challenges in revamping their e-commerce system. It was crucial to seamlessly integrate the online and physical stores to provide customers with a consistent shopping experience. SPORT 2000 required a new webshop capable of handling high volumes and providing a strong user experience.

Additionally, a Product Information Management (PIM) system was essential. With over 500,000 products, easy and accurate management and enrichment of all product data from a central environment were crucial.

Another challenge was efficiently managing orders from over 90 stores, each with its specific business rules and processes. To streamline this, an Order Management System was needed to not only process orders but also ensure optimal inventory management and shipments from various locations.

Finally, their existing financial and BI systems needed to be seamlessly integrated with the new e-commerce platform. They needed a specialized partner to accomplish all this, which is why they chose NextChapter.

Sport 2000 e-commerce webshop via NextChapter ecommerce suiteWhat we achieved for SPORT 2000

  • A complete replatforming of the e-commerce systems to a SaaS platform, specializing in multichannel sales, with a customized frontend and integrations with existing systems.

  • New NextChapter webshop with store inventory functionality and click & collect.

  • Integrations for product data from suppliers.

  • Inventory data from 90+ stores.

  • PIM for a broad and deep assortment.

  • Pricing module.

  • Order Management System for multiple inventory locations and ship-from-store functionality.

  • Comprehensive order allocation business rules for distributing orders to stores.

  • Vendor console (merchant back office) for processing and shipping webshop orders via PostNL.

  • Automated order cancellations.

  • Decentralized return processing and automated refunds.

The end result
SPORT 2000 now has a completely new e-commerce system with seamlessly running processes and scalability for the future. There has been a significant improvement in the processing of product data and processes. A new, fast, and stable webshop with a stronger design leads to higher conversion rates. This lays the foundation for further steps in marketing, revenue growth, and customer loyalty, resulting in annual growth for SPORT 2000.

What the Future Holds

SPORT 2000 looks forward with anticipation and embraces a series of ambitious goals. The focus is on driving innovation and growth, particularly in the areas of personalization, customer retention, and increasing longtail sales. These objectives are supported by a range of integrations and capabilities already integrated into the comprehensive NextChapter multiˣ suite.

Menno Hoek
Marketing - Events - Social Media