Why choose NextChapter eCommerce

There are many e-commerce platforms and products. These can (on average) do the same thing and are of good quality. Of course, there are some specialy differences, but you will be fine with most platforms. Yet many e-commerce entrepreneurs come to NextChapter with a stories of bad experiences, such as mediocre systems and integrations, high costs, too little innovation, reactive vendors, and so on. So what is the reason?
      • The combination of platform and partner makes the difference

      • NextChapter is not only the platform, but also the partner that delivers it for you. Short lines, lower costs, and direct access to our e-commerce knowledge. You influence the innovation roadmap and work together with the people who invent, build and innovate NextChapter. Those are the things where you will notice the difference.

      • All about sales

      • We have a great responsibility in the success of your company. That's why NextChapter is all about multichannel sales. Via the right mix of digital channels, with optimal conversion per channel.

        • Multichannel sales on webshops and marketplaces

        • Central management of article data, prices and content

        • Connect one or more stock locations (also longtail)

        • OMS for routing orders to stock locations

        • Optimal UX and technology for conversion

    • De NextChapter e-commerce oplossingen zorgen voor groei en conversie
    • NextChapter eCommerce is jouw partner voor SaaS ecommerce oplossingen.
      • SAAS with flexibility

      • There is no e-commerce solution on the market that is completely ready or does exactly what you need. So how are you going to achieve your goals? The crux is that your platform has a flexible technical layer for the last mile. NextChapter developed the Data Converter back in 2015, which we use for fixing problems in incoming and outgoing data, technical integrations, time specific processes and connections to external applications (such as configurators). We manage all your exceptions with this. That will certainly make you happy.

      • Affordable e-commerce

      • NextChapter stands for affordable e-commerce. How do we do that? By doing normal, thinking in the long term and developing the smartest possible SAAS platform.

        We also stand for quality. What does quality mean to us? Continuing until a product or integration is flawless, stable and scalable. We understand better than anyone else that your success is directly dependent on the technology we provide.

      • Shall we meet sometime?

        • The unique combination of platform ánd partner

        • 20 years experience

        • Ecosystem with 800+ directly available features and integrations

        • Flexible technical layer for fixing problems in data and integrations

        • Multichannel ánd multivendor (also longtail)

        • You have direct influence on the roadmap

        • Stable and scalable technology

        • Affordable, very high-quality e-commerce

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    • NextChapters offers her clients more then 500 features and +300 integrations