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On February 14, 2022, The Escola Politècnica Superior (EPS) of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) presented this year's “Meet EPS” program for the promotion of studies in Computer programming, Mathematics, Engineering, Construction and Technology.

In this annual program, various workshops and activities are organized for secondary school students to introduce them to these studies, to develop their talents and to draw their attention to future vacancies. NextChapter eCommerce is one of the proud companies to sponsor this initiative.

The shortage of current and future professionals in these fields has led to the collaboration between several companies, organizations, the Escola Politècnica Superior (EPS) and the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands). In this collaboration, an annual program has been created with the aim of making a real impact on the youth and promoting a vocation for Mathematics, Engineering, Construction and Technology. The program was presented on February 14 to the 24 companies and institutions that support it, including NextChapter eCommerce.

Meet EPS participating companies

The “Meet EPS” for this year includes the following activities:

UIB Engineering: Workshops to stimulate the creativity and ingenuity of students through the design and construction of objects such as windmills, catapults, efficient houses, cars, mobile robots or airplanes invisible to radars, created with simple and everyday materials.

Scratch: A computer programming day on the UIB campus, where various challenges and project competitions are held, that are focused on programming through play and experiment. With workshops for an introduction to computer programming language and advanced robot programming.

Robotics Acts: Robotics conference at the UIB campus, where different teams compete against each other with their designs. An international challenge to awaken young people's interest in science and technology. With thematic challenges to engage children aged 6-16 in research, problem solving and science. The pillars of the program are peer learning, friendly competition, and contributing to society. The program has been put together by robotics experts from the UIB and is aimed at more involvement with society and the natural environment.

Demotec: Conducting hands-on science and technology experiments in the Demotec lab. With design, modeling and 3D printing of e.g. modular skyscraper, house design and construction, traffic light control, video game design, robot control and topological games. The aim of these experiments is to show interesting aspects of science and technology through a practical activity.

ESTALMAT: A project to identify and stimulate mathematical talent in boys and girls between 11 and 13 years. This project, coordinated by the Royal Academy of Exact Physical and Natural Sciences, has been successfully implemented since 1998. Their reasoning and problem-solving skills are trained by means of an active and playful learning method.

Olympic Computer Games: Computer programming competition. Participants are confronted with a large number of problems and must solve as many as possible in the time available. The prizes range from cash prizes to a year of free study at the UIB. The top two entrants will represent the Balearic Islands in the nationwide Spanish Computer Olympics.

58th Olympic Mathematics Games: Problem-solving competition, to encourage students to study mathematics and develop young talent. This competition consists of three levels: local, national and international, with increasing difficulty.

Competition Engineering in construction. Building with ingenuity: The aim of this competition is to promote scientific culture, technology and innovation. In the competition, students get to work on an engineering project in relation to sustainable construction, taking into account the environment. Participants learn the fundamental elements and procedures of scientific research.

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Pictures: A.Costa / UIB

Rafael Espinosa Herrería Rafael Espinosa Herrería
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