MBRC the Ocean webshop returns to NextChapter eCommerce

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On October the 25th we (re)launched all 3 MBRC the Ocean webshops. This charity brand collects and recycles plastic waste from the sea and coastal areas, and then turns it into sturdy and sustainable jewelry and accessories.

After a brief break to another e-commerce platform, MBRC the Ocean returned to the NextChapter Platform. On the one hand, because the conversion percentages and the webshop results on the NextChapter Platform are structurally better. And on the other hand, because of the personal attention they receive.

In the meantime, their design agency created a new, very attractive frontend design. We combined this new MBRC design with the e-commerce power of our platform in functionalities & conversions, and relaunched the shop.

So have a look at this webshop and make sure to donate or purchase one of their awesome products (it's for a great cause).

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