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Conversion Boosters: 5 tools to earn more with your webshop

Fabio Zuccato -

Are you always looking for new ways to get more sales from your webshop? Or would you rather have more satisfied customers? It is a daily issue for many webshops. How do I get more out of my webshop? There are a number of ways to solve this problem, but are they enough to get ahead of the competition?

The distinctive character of free shipping and good service

One way to get customers to buy faster is to remove barriers. For example, additional costs during the completion of the order are a real conversion killer. This can be solved by, for example, offering free shipping. This prevents the consumer from being shocked and abandoning the purchase. Offering good service is also an option. Who wants to buy something from an online store with bad service? The question then is: what is good service? Can a customer return his/her order for free, is customer service available for a long time or does the customer receive a small extra with his/her order?

Both options are a way to get more results, but is it enough? For example, offering free shipping is good news for the customer, but it also costs margin. Even with "good service" you have to ask yourself whether this distinguishes you from the competition. After all, every self-respecting webshop offers good service.

NextChapter eCommerce Conversion Boosters

We understand very well that you are looking for real results. Smart solutions that are easy to use and that deliver visibly more revenue. With this in mind, NextChapter has developed the Conversion Booster. This is a module with useful tools that not only increase sales, but also customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of the NextChapter Conversion Boosters:

  1. Smart checkout deals in the shopping cart

    Where it is possible in a store to ask the customer if he or she might want a snickers with his coffee, this is not just possible online. With smart checkout sales we have developed a solution to make this possible. Depending on the contents of the shopping cart, the customer will see a number of checkout sales. The products offered are tailored to the customer's interests and the special price is only valid in the shopping cart. This tool not only offers you the opportunity to increase the order amount, but is also a handy way to sell residual stock.

  2. Free product promotion

    It is now possible to give a customer something as a gift. When the customer buys for a minimum amount, he can receive a gift with his order. Getting something for free is particularly interesting for consumers. By using this tool in the right way, increasing the average order amount and the conversion becomes easier than ever.

  3. Volume discount on the product page

    Do you have a large stock of one product and would you like customers to order more? You can encourage this by offering a discount when purchasing multiple items. By showing the volume discount on the product page, you tempt customers to increase the number of pieces.

  4. Gentle reminder

    A customer has very enthusiastically collected his order, but does not complete it in the shopping cart. Very annoying, of course, because you miss out on sales. With the gentle reminder you send the customer a subtle hint in an appropriate way to complete the order, without being intrusive. This way you reduce the number of missed sales and increase your turnover.

  5. Smart logistics

    It sounds like a dream, but it is reality. The collaboration between Red je Pakketje and NextChapter eCommerce makes it possible to offer customers same-day delivery. Orders placed before 12 noon will be delivered the same evening. All other orders are delivered the next day by the professional deliverers of Red je Pakketje. With this collaboration, webshops on the NextChapter platform can now deliver faster than bol.com and Coolblue. This not only ensures a strong distinctive character, but also more satisfied customers and lower logistics costs.

Would you also like to earn more turnover, more conversion, a higher order amount and more satisfied customers with minimal effort? Let's talk!

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