Nextchapter samenwerking met red je pakketje

NextChapter eCommerce enters into collaboration with Red je Pakketje

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We are proud to present a unique collaboration with logistics service provider Red je Pakketje. Thanks to this collaboration, customers of the NextChapter platform can now compete with the service level of Coolblue and Ordering before midnight means that the consumer will receive the order tomorrow. Or even better: ordered before 12:00 am delivered the same day, without additional costs. The combination of these services is unique and, together with the NextChapter Conversion Booster, will boost the proposition and the success of our customers.

Make every delivery a happy moment
Imagine a customer of your webshop would like to receive the order quickly. Or the customer is angry because the first delivery attempt failed. Annoying right? To make matters even more annoying, this puts pressure on customer service that often can't do much with it.

We will solve this for you with the collaboration between NextChapter and Red je Pakketje. Delivery by Red je Pakketje takes place every working day between 16.00 and 22.30, so just when the customer is home. Not only do more delivery attempts succeed, but it also makes it possible to deliver orders placed in the morning the same day.

This gives you more options, more flexibility and more satisfied customers. The drivers of Red je Pakketje are specially trained to turn every delivery into a party.

About Red je Pakketje

Red je Pakketje is a logistics partner for web stores that literally makes the connection with the consumer. With a self-trained team of drivers, they want to make every delivery attempt a happy moment. Delivery is seen by consumers as a responsibility of the web store, and therefore a good experience is very important.

Red je Pakketje also makes it possible to offer same day delivery as a webshop. Because all packages are collected at the beginning of the afternoon, all orders from that morning can still be taken along, and they will be delivered in the evening. All of course by the professional couriers of Red je Pakketje.

The benefits of the combination of Red je Pakketje and NextChapter eCommerce

The collaboration between NextChapter eCommerce and Red je Pakketje offers you a large number of advantages. For your convenience, we list these for you:

  • Can be quickly linked to the NextChapter platform

  • The possibility to offer same day delivery

  • Professional delivery drivers ensure more satisfied customers

  • More successful delivery attempts, and therefore less pressure on customer service

We offer the collaboration with Red je Pakketje as part of our Conversion Booster. In this way, together with you, we ensure more sales, more turnover, and more satisfied customers. Are you interested in Save your Parcel and our Conversion Booster? Contact us and let's talk!

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