Het belang van retentie - klantwaarde verhogen

Increase customer value? The importance of retention

Lisa Rops -

Retention means keeping your costumer with you. And that's exactly what you want. You have spent money to bring in a new customer and they have ordered something in your webshop. Well done! But how do you retain that customer so that they will buy even more?

Email is an excellent medium for retention

You already have the e-mail address of your customers. And yes, you can still do that now that the GDPR is in place. E-mail marketing is (and was already) largely fixed in the Telecom Act, with many rules, but also many possibilities. Relevance is the keyword here. And hey, let that be also the keyword for retention!

“NextChapter Marketing cases show an increase of up to 10% on average increase in order values and up to 60% increase in conversions.”

Turning customers into returning customers is quite a job. Still, you can make a big hit with, there it is again, relevant content.

A few examples:

  • A customer buys leather shoes in your webshop, but does not buy a maintenance product. There you come, with an (automated) email in which you offer the maintenance product for those shoes. Maybe for a promotional price. He/she may not have thought of it yet, but can find it very useful.

You can vary infinitely. From accessories for coffee machines to a good protective parasol cover. Customers have already put their trust in you and in most cases are positive about your webshop. They often find it no problem at all to receive customized (relevant) offers.

  • A customer has ordered something from you, but has not joined your newsletter. This may mean that they do not want to become a subscriber, but it may also be that they were busy with something else at the time (namely ordering). Why not ask them to join your newsletter? Tell them about all the benefits.

Do you use MailChimp? Then you can send these and other campaigns completely automatically if you connect with MailChimp through the NextChapter platform. Is your delivery time 1-2 days? Then set this e-mail for 4 days after, for example. The package has arrived, the customer is happy with the product and is positive about your brand at that moment. There is a good chance that he /she still wants to become a subscriber to score a good deal next time.

  • A customer orders a jar of 60 capsules of vitamin pills, one for each day. This means that after 2 months the jar will be empty. Plan an automatic email campaign just before your customer runs out. Your customer is served with ease and you'll sell more products. So it's a win-win.

  • Is product X always sold in the Spring? Then let your customers know before the season starts, that sell it in your webshop for a good price. There is a good chance that they will think of you when they order.

  • Another valued variant is rewarding loyal customers. Give something extra with an x ​​number of orders (or purchase amount), for example.

  • Or congratulate your customer on his/her birthday. Not unique, but fun for the birthday boy or girl and an extra contact moment.

  • Want to go even further? Then (if your webshop is linked with MailChimp) you can make your mailings even more personal with Product Recommendations. MailChimp personalizes the products in the mail based on previous purchasing behaviour.

What will it bring me?

You can vary infinitely with email retention campaigns. Your customer does not buy only spend 100 euros in your webshop, but maybe for 175 euros. In the long run, that's very interesting. Because you can automate retention, the suggestions are personal and the content is relevant, retention is an excellent way to connect customers to your brand and increase sales.

Do you know what the value of a customer is for your brand and that a returning customer becomes more and more valuable? So please spend plenty of time and energy on it.


Are you curious about what NextChapter eCommerce can do for you, or are you curious about the link between MailChimp and NextChapter? Inquire for more information.

Lisa Rops
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