Save time and money with Easy Refunding

Rogier Bestebroer -

Want to save time and money easily? Automate your refund process with Easy Refunding. Every day is an inevitable moment for online entrepreneurs. And every time you hope that the number is not too bad. Yes, we are talking about 'the returns'! All entrepreneurs have to deal with customers who change their minds. Returns are inevitable and so is the refund of the purchase amount.

Although the right of return is required by law, this right is also an important reason why customers buy online. But as everyone knows, returns also cause high costs. Whatever attempts are made to reduce the number of returns, you can assume that part of the order will be returned.

That is why you want to spend as little time, money and energy as possible on unnecessary work for handling returns. Such as processing the refunds.

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Reduce your refund costs

At most webshops, refunds are processed manually via the back office of the Payment Service Provider (PSP). That is often a time-consuming task. To do this, you have to log in to another new back office, search for the transaction, then you have to wait for the pages to load, create the refund, double check the amount and then 'finally' refund.

In addition, the order must still be credited and the customer must be informed by e-mail. This is time-consuming work and, above all, frustrating work that no one wants. These manual actions can also cause errors and therefore even more work.

Fortunately, there is a better alternative. Depending on your PSP, you can automate the refund process from the NextChapter back office of your webshop. This will save a lot of time and therefore money.

Save hours per week

The NextChapter platform is continuously being developed. Recently a functionality has been implemented called: Easy Refunding.

This makes it possible to process and refund returns automatically, directly from the NextChapter back office. This saves a lot of time compared to the manual method that is now often used.

How does Easy Refund work?

As soon as the return has been created in NextChapter, the PSP is automatically controlled from the NextChapter backend for the refund. The PSP can then automatically make the refund and also provides feedback to NextChapter when the payment is successful. This does depend on the PSP you are working with.

At the same time, the credit note is also created directly in this process and the customer is informed by e-mail. It works for returns that are created manually in the NextChapter backend as well as for returns that are imported from, for example, an ERP or POS system. This saves hours of work per week, let alone how much time and money you can save on an annual basis.

Furthermore, the NextChapter order management clearly shows whether the refund payment was actually successful. This also allows customer service to handle customer questions about returns and refunds faster. This also saves time, simplifies work and helps customers faster.

Automating manual processes such as refunding returns via the PSP are improvements that simplify the operation and make it more efficient. It saves a lot of work and provides extra time. This allows you and your team to spend more time on more important things that help the core business move forward.

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