E-commerce SaaS platform release notes

Release notes v1.17 and v1.18

Rogier Bestebroer -

In the releases of NextChapter v1.17 and v1.18 a large number of improvements have been made. The most important in a row:

Improved menu blocks

Within menu blocks, properties can now also be used as a block. This gives you as a customer even more flexibility in which blocks you want to use and the consumer can reach her search result even faster.

Counters away from menu

Showing counters in menu blocks has been removed by default to make everything quieter.

Improvement of category filters display:

Blocks that are next to each other can now also be used within filters, eg for size. This navigates nicer and faster.

Usability improvement favorites

After adding an article to your favorites, the back button now sends you to the previously visited page.

New integration with the ACA POS system

New integrations with ACA such as customers, orders and order status (track&trace). Also made improvements in products and stock integration.

UX improvements

  • Improvement in Site Specific Content, the newsletter header in My Account/Checkout can now be managed.

  • Enhancements in Enhanced Ecommerce

  • Improvements in Google Retargeting

  • Improvements in Stockbase integration

  • Improvements in FreeBees integration

  • Improvements in automatic refunds

  • Improvements in Media collages

Customers again switched to OM 2.0

Once again, customers have been transferred to order management 2.0. They now benefit from faster order processing and better inventory management.

Back office UX

All kinds of improvements have been made to make the back office more user-friendly.

All bugs reported by customers and/or self-identified have been resolved. This makes NextChapter error-free again.