van eCommerce naar aiCommerce

From e-commerce to AI commerce: moving to a strategic customer journey

Fabio Zuccato -

In an ever-changing e-commerce world, innovation is key for staying relevant and competitive. Retailers, manufacturers and online start-ups locked in a constant competition for customer acquisition are continuously seeking how to ease their customer’s journeys by creating a more personal shopping experience for their consumers. As contradictory as this may sound, that is exactly what artificial intelligence (AI) is doing, with aiCommerce you move your e-commerce from a tactical level to a strategic level.

Over the last years, consumers use different and multiple channels and marketing touchpoints (from stores to webshops, via social networks, newsletters, online advertisements and many more) at all time of day, at all possible locations and with several devices. In addition, they expect a consistent and personalised experience and preferable one in which is all the information is updated throughout all channels and touchpoints. Both the nature and diversity of these touchpoints and the amount of data that is generated necessitate the use of AI. Manually, it will simply be impossible to keep up.


From tactical to strategic level

The most current e-commerce organisations are dedicating a lot of time, effort and large budgets to personalise the customer journey by applying huge human involvement. As result, with this type of approach marketeers and eCommerce managers are ending up working mostly on tactical level rather at a strategic level. The reasons are mainly due to the facts that:

  • marketers find it difficult to understand and optimize each stage of the customer journey because a very large amount of channels and touchpoints are used within the customer journeys (stores, webshops, social network, emailing, product listers and search and many more) and

  • explicit behaviour within a single channel and touchpoint is easy to track but implicit behaviour across many channels and touchpoints within multiple contextual factors and situations are impossible to track therefore

  • as a marketer or eCommerce manager how do you know which product or content to recommend or push to engage your customers? or how do you know which product will drive more conversions? or lower your bounce rates in a specific and continuously changing context?

AI and learning machines as part of aiCommerce are solving this issue and therefore change the way of running e-commerce facilitating and accelerating the move from tactical level to a more strategic level.

aiCommerce as the drive towards autonomous commerce

Introducing a strategic aiCommerce solution in your e-commerce presence, allows you to stop wasting time with tactical level decisions and instead allows you to focus on your brand or business from a strategic level by managing your online goals and removes the need for day-to-day visitor behaviour interpretation and business alignment. Powered by a true aiCommerce solution, you will be able to achieve true 1-to-1 autonomous personalization for your visitors across all channels and touchpoints that is aligned with your set business goals.

aiCommerce at NextChapter eCommerce

Among the last months, also at NextChapter we have been working to integrate aiCommerce into our e-commerce platform. In particularly we have run several pilots with some of our customers in order to evaluate not only the technical integration and the organisational process but to retrieve a concrete business case for validating our strategic aiCommerce proposition. The results are extremely positive.

Fabio Zuccato
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