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Multichannel sales through one central platform.

Unlimited opportunities with new sales channels. Are you ready for your next step in e-commerce?
      • Sell through multiple B2C or D2C webshops

      • Strengthen your B2B sales channel

      • Sell smarter, also instore

      • Sell on through big (international) marketplaces

      • Become a (niche) marketplace

    • The NextChapter platform offers you a scalable, advanced and multichannel solution to sell to customers everywhere. From one central platform.

    • Unlimited sales from one central backbone.

    • Want to achieve a higher turnover or better conversion rates? NextChapter eCommerce offers unlimited possibilities for adding new sales channels. So that you can focus on running your business, without having to worry about scalability issues. Your customers want to buy your products anytime, anywhere. They do this through websites, marketplaces and platforms. With a multichannel e-commerce strategy, you will grow faster and your brand awareness increases. The NextChapter platform is a combination of SaaS software and customization, so that you are assured of innovation and flawless integrations with your own systems.

    • Simply add sales channels.

    • With the NextChapter platform you have access to the all relevant sales channels to successfully implement your growth strategy. Add endless new channels, become your own marketplace or join existing marketplaces. The NextChapter platform is linked to more than 200 well-known (international) marketplaces, such as Amazon, Zalando and In addition to B2C, D2C and B2B webshops, we specialize in long-tail solutions (such as in-store kiosks and mobile sales assistants), collective platforms, sales through marketplaces and to become a (niche) marketplace yourself. Whether you are a brand, producer, etailer, retailer, wholesaler, franchise company or collective, we offer you the right opportunities to grow your business. And we mean: really grow. Start selling more today.

    • SaaS and customization. 

    • In the NextChapter SaaS platform, all generic technology and functionalities are centrally built and innovated. For frontends and backend integrations, we can deliver any custom case. Our Data Converter provides flawless integrations with your systems. NextChapter eCommerce combines the power of SaaS with the flexibility of customization. Everything from one dashboard. So you are assured of a powerful platform with which you can truly grow and become the best in your market.

    • Start a (niche) marketplace.

    • In a more extensive long-tail sales strategy you can choose to become a marketplace yourself; generic or in a niche. You develop into a multivendor online sales platform and claim authority within an industry or product segment. With the NextChapter platform we make this step as simple as possible for you. Our SaaS platform in combination with the customization that we provide, gives you the reliability of a solid platform with continuous innovation and a flawless integrations with your own backend systems. Add a flexible frontend and you are ready for your own marketplace proposition.

  • Why choose NextChapter eCommerce?

    NextChapter is the combination of a next level e-commerce platform and a partnership for your growth. Do you want to grow without technical limitations? Are you looking for a strong platform and a committed partner? A subscription to innovation and a lot of personal attention? Then NextChapter is your next chapter.

    • Reliable and rock-solid software

    • SaaS and customization combined

    • Scalable and always up to date

    • Continuous innovation

A platform and partner to fulfil international ambitions.

Kim van Zonneveld
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
Leclerc Baby

    • Discover your growth with our platform.  

    • Would you like to know more about your growth possibilities with Nextchapter eCommerce? Please contact us for a demonstration of our features.