Collective platform.

An interesting strategy is to join forces as a group of entrepreneurs in a collective e-commerce platform. For example as a retail, franchise, purchasing, branch or member organization. Together you can fully utilize the power of the collective, create new sales channels and even further develop into a joint (niche) marketplace. NextChapter eCommerce has developed all the tools you need for this. In a clear and rock-solid SaaS platform combined with flexible customization.
    • The benefits of a collective platform.

    • Create one collective webshop together or connect webshops for each member together. The offer you can create together will become unique and you can claim a key position in your market. NextChapter PIM (product information management) ensures that you can optimally enjoy advantage of a collective.

      • Joint or accumulated inventory

      • Article data management for all members

      • Order allocation to all members

      • Joint Marketing promotions

      • Bring customers to the bricks and mortar stores (encourage store visits across the collective)

      • Benefit from the power of the collective, but keep your seperate identities (own name, url and shop for members)

    • NextChapter PIM.

    • PIM is one of the most important building blocks for sales through a collective platform, because every product needs to receive correct article data. NextChapter PIM is suitable for small, large and complex assortments. In PIM the article data is validated, enriched and then distributed with the correct information and content to the collective platform.

    • Leverage multichannel sales.

    • Looking for new sales channels? With NextChapter eCommerce you are set with futureproof solutions that grow with you. You have access to all your international sales channels directly from our platform: B2C & B2B webshops, longtail and collective platforms. And we integrate more than 200 marketplaces, such as Amazon, and Zalando.

    • Start a (niche) marketplace.

    • In a more extensive long-tail sales strategy you can choose to become a marketplace yourself; generic or in a niche. You develop into a multivendor online sales platform and claim authority within an industry or product segment. With the NextChapter platform we make this step as simple as possible for you. Our SaaS platform in combination with the customization that we provide, gives you the reliability of a solid platform with continuous innovation and a flawless integrations with your own backend systems. Add a flexible frontend and you are ready for your own marketplace proposition.

  • Why choose NextChapter eCommerce?

    NextChapter is the combination of a next level e-commerce platform and a partnership for your growth. Do you want to grow without technical limitations? Are you looking for a strong platform and a committed partner? A subscription to innovation and a lot of personal attention? Then NextChapter is your next chapter.

    • Reliable and rock-solid software

    • SaaS and customization combined

    • Scalable and always up to date

    • Continuous innovation

An established SaaS platform, that can handle high volumes with multiple stores and webshops.

Maurice van Franck
E-commerce Manager
SPORT 2000

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