Sales Channels

The NextChapter eCommerce platform offers you a scalable, advanced and multichannel solution to sell everywhere, through any sales channel and from one central e-commerce platform.
  • Unlimited sales, from one central platform.

    As an entrepreneur or e-commerce manager you are always looking for new sales opportunities. The NextChapter platform gives you access to the right sales channels to successfully implement your growth strategy. You can add endless sales channels, become your own marketplace or join existing marketplaces.

    • sell quickly through multiple sales channels

    • easily integrate with your current systems

    • allow vendors on your own platform

    • evolve into a (niche) marketplace

    • Leverage multichannel sales.

    • Looking for new sales channels? With NextChapter eCommerce you are set with futureproof solutions that grow with you. You have access to all your international sales channels directly from our platform: B2C & B2B webshops, longtail and collective platforms. And we integrate more than 200 marketplaces, such as Amazon, and Zalando.

    • 4 winning strategies for growth in e-commerce.

      Our SaaS solution comes from the NextChapter eCommerce vision.
      We define the four strategies with which you can stay ahead of competitors, now and in the near future:

        • Multichannel

          Your customers want to be able to buy your products anytime and anywhere. They do this through websites, marketplaces and platforms. When you are present everywhere, you will grow faster and brand awareness will increase further. A multichannel e-commerce strategy increases your digital success.

        • Market leader in a niche

          General (multi-brand) webshops often have difficulty distinguishing themselves. And this is getting more and more difficult. Niche players, on the other hand, are more promising because they fulfill a specialist role. A niche webshop can become the market leader, by deploying various (international) online sales channels. In addition to a specific product range, expertise, unique knowledge and service also play an important role in this.

        • Collaborate in a collective

          Many companies try to build a webshop on their own, with large investments in money, time and people. This approach is inefficient and leads to a large landscape of webshops, of which only a part can stay profitable long term. An interesting approach is to join forces as a group of entrepreneurs in a collective platform.

        • Become a (niche) marketplace

          The prediction is that one or more specialized niche marketplaces will emerge and be successful per industry or product group. It is not the question of whether they will come, but rather when and by whom. NextChapter eCommerce helps you to claim this key position.

    • Find new sales channels.

      The NextChapter platform gives you access to the right sales channels to successfully implement your growth strategy.
      You can add endless sales channels, become your own marketplace or join existing marketplaces.

        • B2C

        • For (international) sales to consumers and aimed at conversion, customer experience, service and loyalty.

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        • D2C

        • For direct (international) sales to consumers aimed at conversions, customer experience, service and loyalty.

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        • B2B

        • For (international) sales to business customers, with specific B2B functionalities and processes, aimed at efficient ordering and convenience.

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        • Specialty webshops

        • For specific propositions or specific target groups.

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        • Longtail & lost sales / instore

        • Solutions to never having to sell “no” to customers again in your webshops or in the bricks and mortar stores via mobile sales assistants and in-store kiosks.

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        • From a collective

        • For entrepreneurs (such as retailers, franchises or industry organizations) who join forces and where the participants or members can have their own webshop under their own name and URL.

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        • Marketplaces & social commerce

        • Sell on Amazon, and Zalando and more than 200 other (international) marketplaces as well as social commerce platforms like Instagram and Google Shopping. Fully integrated in our e-commerce platform (with article data, stock, orders, track & trace and returns).

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        • Start a (niche) marketplace

        • In which you develop into a multi-vendor, sales platform and become the digital authority within an industry or product segment. This can be a closed marketplace, where you decide which partners sell on it. Or an open marketplace, where every supplier can register themselves.

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In less than a year, we realized a fourfold increase in turnover compared to our former Magento webshop.

Mauwrijn de Bruyn
E-commerce Manager
PGZ International

    • Why choose NextChapter eCommerce?

      A partner committed to your success

      We are a first mover in e-commerce and with our proven and award-winning knowledge we make your business more successful and ready for the future. Due to our licensing model, we are driven to maximum success. And we are cheaper in development and maintenance.

      Integral and user-friendly

      NextChapter systems and building blocks are also user-friendly and fit seamlessly with your existing systems and processes.

      SaaS and customization combination

      Thanks to the quality guarantee of SaaS, your subscription to innovation, and the flexibility of our customization, we give you an advantage over your competitors. We are also strong in complex projects.

      Scalable & always up to date

      The NextChapter platform is scalable and always up to date, without versions or migrations. This enables growth and allows you to keep up with fast market changes.

      • Discover your growth with our platform.  

      • Would you like to know more about your growth possibilities with NextChapter eCommerce? Please contact us for a demonstration of our features.