The perfect fit for DIDI

NextChapter eCommerce -

  • The broad choice of ready-to-use features offers DIDI fast and efficient implementation times


    • Multichannel Brandwebshop

    • Pure player

    • Brand experience focused on merchandising features for higher conversion + order value such as 'Shop the Look'

    • Frontend with an emphasis on product visuals

    • NextChapter Suite integrated with the ERP (It's Perfect) various external systems and channels

The Client

The fashion brand DIDI is a well-known and respected name in the Dutch women’s fashion landscape. It has a rich history and has been a household name for over 40 years. DIDI excels in contemporary fashion for women of all generations with colorful collections, handmade prints and fine materials.

Since 2021, DIDI has embarked on a sustainable course. By producing the print runs in small amounts, overproduction is prevented.

The Challenge

A few years ago, DIDI made a restart. This restart has given DIDI the opportunity to start over and to take a thorough look at their system landscape with a new perspective. With a new lean organization, they went on a search for a new ERP party, fulfillment system and e-com platform that would fit perfectly with their pure player strategy. They were faced with the choice to go back to a Magento custom built platform with an agency. Or to standardized SaaS software e.g. LightSpeed. The best solution turned out to be exactly in the middle. A stable SaaS solution with good options for custom add-ons and connections with ERP/WMS. And a partner who can quickly and effectively deliver.

  • Modules

    • NextChapter E-com Suite (backbone)

    • NextChapter PIM

    • Responsive webshop

    • Integration ERP (It's Perfect)

    • Integration warehouse fulfillment party

    • Integration external channels (including BOL Wehkamp)

    • Integration marketing tools EMP, CDP

  • Merchandising features

    • Stock urgency

    • Sticky "add to cart" button on the product page

    • Keep me informed

    • Recommendation rails on the product page

    • Shop the Look

    • Embedded tooling for personalized recommendations

    • And more..

The Solution

After an extensive selection NextChapter turned out to be the perfect fit. A SaaS platform for a strong brand webshop specialized in multi-channel, pre-built integrations to marketplaces, integrations with external systems, flexibility and a fast time-to-market. The ideal combination between an implementation partner and a software developer. Thé strategic partner and strong central core to ensure that all elements of this well-oiled online strategy work together optimally.

The Delivery

NextChapter has developed a unique brand shop for DIDI, fully focused on the new online strategy; optimizing the online customer experience and empowering the strong brand identity. Therefore the focus of the brand shop is on beautiful and stimulating product visuals and product videos in the frontend. In combination with merchandising features such as 'Shop the Look', the beautiful products of DIDI are in the spotlight while providing careful attention to the customer experience.

Behind the modern front-end, the NextChapter E-Com Suite, as a backbone, ensures that all orders, customer data and other information are processed from all channels and arrive at the correct end-points. In the near future, DIDI will open a number of physical pop-up locations which will also be seamlessly and easily integrated into the system landscape.

NextChapter continuously works on the speed of the platform

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