Blond Amsterdam opts for NextChapter

April 19, 2019

Blond Amsterdam, known for its brightly painted dinnerware, chooses NextChapter as its partner for the eCommerce activities in Europe. Various projects are on the program in the coming period, including the integration of NextChapter with Amazon Germany. NextChapter has named the integration of market places as one of the focal points for 2019. The cooperation with Blond fits in with our strategy and, of course, we also think Blond is an example of a beautiful, successful Dutch company!

NextChapter and REXai work together

February 12, 2019

NextChapter and REXai are working together on enriching the NextChapter platform with artificial intelligence (AI) technology. With this technology, the experience of individual webshop visitors can be fully personalized. This means that after a few clicks, every visitor will see personalized products that are calculated by the REXai self-learning algorithms. The goal is a win-win situation: the web shop visitor sees more relevant products, making them buy faster and more. At the same time, the webshop is more successful in terms of revenue growth and satisfied customers. A complete novelty in eCommerce - and we have only just begun. Under the motto "from eCommerce to aiCommerce", NextChapter has made the further development of AI within the omnichannel platform one of the most important priorities. NextChapter will be working on pilots in the coming months to demonstrate the value of this technology for NextChapter customers.

Record sales in festive months

December 29, 2018

The NextChapter platform achieved a sales record in November and December 2018: the revenue was a factor of 7 higher than in 2017. This is firstly due to the growth of our current webshops and secondly to the growth in the number of web shops running on the NextChapter platform. A nice fact here: As a SaaS platform, NextChapter has more than sufficient capacity to cope with this peak. While sales went through the roof, the NextChapter team worked on new innovations!

NextChapter expands with development team in Mallorca

October 3, 2018

NextChapter has set up a new development team in Mallorca. From Palma de Mallorca, a team of four senior technical developers is working on several innovations for the NextChapter platform. The Spanish team and the Dutch team work together as one team. The new team will strongly contribute to speeding up the implementation of the NextChapter strategy. Why Mallorca? Of course we have thought about that. We are happy to explain it to you personally!

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