NextChapter eCommerce for Brands & Manufacturers.

As a manufacturer you have the right assets to sell directly to consumers. Because the consumer prefers to go to the source: everything can be found with you, the range is up-to-date and the full product knowledge is available. At the same time, you don't want to lose sight of your business channels. This is only possible with a platform that allows you to manage B2B and B2C well. NextChapter eCommerce helps you realize your international multichannel sales strategy from one total solution.
  • One platform, endless growth opportunities.

    NextChapter is the e-commerce platform with which you can grow, through multiple channels. B2C, D2C and even B2B, all channels are flawlessly integrated with your systems. The NextChapter eCommerce platform offers you a scalable, advanced and multichannel solution to sell everywhere, through any sales channel and from one central e-commerce platform.

    • Develop B2C / D2C opportunities on a large scale

    • Strengthen your B2B sales channels

    • Discover your options on major marketplaces

    • Control all channels from one central platform

    • Develop B2C/D2C opportunities on a large scale.

      As a brand or manufacturer you have the perfect opportunity to sell directly to consumers and connect your target group to you. Via high quality B2C / D2C webshops but also through marketplaces. Sell ​​where your customers are and manage all channels, prices and content from one platform with NextChapter eCommerce.

    • Strengthen your B2B sales channels.

      Do you want to strengthen your B2B sales channel? Or make product data better accesible to resellers and wholesalers? Make ordering products by B2B customers more efficient through an advanced B2B webshop. NextChapter eCommerce offers you the right tools, while our technology grows with you.

    • Discover your possibilities on major marketplaces.

      Discover use new sales channels. The NextChapter platform is integrated with more than 100 major European marketplaces such as, Amazon and Zalando. As a brand or producer, you can reach millions of consumers in one fell swoop.

    • Control all channels from one central platform.

      With the integration of effective frontend design, smart product management and sales across multiple channels, you can present your brand(s) even better. The NextChapter backbone supports all necessary e-commerce processes you need. It also gives you efficiency, flexibility and speed in the rollout of web shops. You'll manage all processes and channels from one central backbone.

    • NextChapter benefits for brands & manufacturers:

        • Design and conversion

        • Grow your brand awareness with our webshop solutions that focus on design and conversions.

        • Sell ​​on major marketplaces

        • Reach milions of new consumers through our integrations with Europe's largest general marketplaces and social commerce platforms.

        • PIM for article data

        • One central database (PIM) with perfect article data and specific content per sales channel.

        • Order management

        • Process all orders quickly and easily from all sales channels via the central order management module.

        • AI commerce

        • Grab 10% to 20% organic revenue growth by using our Artificial Intelligence with which you can personalize webshop pages at an individual level.

        • Customer-specific prices

        • Offer your business customers specific prices in your B2B webshop.

        • Fulfillment

        • Easily create shipments with carriers from the NextChapter Logistics backbone (LIM).

        • International

        • Sell ​​in multiple languages ​​through various country-specific webshops in multiple currencies, all controlled from the central platform.

        • Merchandising tools

        • Increase conversions and order values with smart product merchandising such as bundles, combi deals and cash register offers.

        • Promotions & special offers

        • Create many different promotions and discount codes to stimulate extra sales.

        • Integrations

        • Optimize efficiency by linking data flows with external systems.

A platform and partner to fulfil international ambitions.

Kim van Zonneveld
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
Leclerc Baby

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