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Why You Should Use Custom Audiences in Facebook Marketing

Vivianne Soliman -

Are you already advertising on Facebook? And if so, have you ever thought about creating a Custom Audience in Facebook? No? Don't wait any longer and create it today.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Below I'll give you 3 reasons why it is smart to target ads to custom audiences within Facebook Business Manager. And why it should be a permanent part of your online marketing activities.

You use the budget effectively

It is well known that when someone comes into 'contact' with your brand for the first time, your webshop, does not immediately proceed to place an order. This rarely happens, because this requires considerably more contact moments. Acquiring new customers therefore always takes a lot of time, demands a lot from the marketing department and you have to invest. With campaigns in which you partially or completely target the ads to the custom audiences, you spend the budget more effectively. This is because these warm prospects come into 'contact' with your webshop and brand again. Maybe it is already their 3rd contact with your webshop or even their 5th. As a result, the chance of a conversion increases continuously and your marketing spend is used more effectively. You invest in prospects who already have a link with your webshop or brand.

Decide in advance whether you're targeting a segment or your complete campaign to Facebook's Custom Audiences. Take into account the content of the ad, the action you are communicating and of course your ultimate goal.

Custom audiences: a form of retargeting

The biggest advantage of Facebook custom audiences is that these ads are shown to people who are already familiar with your webshop or brand- and are alrealy somewhat interested. It is a form of retargeting and therefore valuable at all times. Trying to convince warm prospects to become your customer is still easier and cheaper than finding and persuading cold new potential prospects,

You can create different types of custom audiences in Facebook based on all kinds of data. For example, there is the possibility to create a target group based on the website traffic of the past 90 days. Here you can segment or distinguish even further. For example, you can choose to select your website visitors of the past 90 days who have visited a specific page. Think, for example, of a product that is now a best seller in your webshop and has a lot of website traffic.

You can also choose to upload a customer file. Facebook offers this option when creating custom audiences. And it's super handy! All you need is a report from NextChapter eCommerce, which you then upload in Facebook. And voilà, you can target an advertisement to, for example, people who have placed an order in your webshop in the last 5 months.

Please note that the content of the advertisement is in some way related to what these buyers have bought. For example, if someone has bought shoes, it is not the intention to show this person an advertisement about jeans. For example, create an ad about the same pair of shoes on sale, but in a different color or shoe care products.

Increase brand awareness

At the same time, all of the above ensures that more brand awareness is created. It strengthens the brand awareness of your webshop which you work on with heart and soul. So are you convinced yet? Then read the tips below.

TIP 1:

Make sure that the data you are going to use is in line with the privacy legislation (AVG/GDPR).

TIP 2:

Always keep TESTING, TESTING and TESTING again. This is the only way to get to know and understand your (potential) customers and only then will you find out what works well for your webshop.

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