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Are you preparing for the future with the right e-commerce strategy? Then you need to watch this video. NextChapter eCommerce Co-Founder and CEO Michiel Bestebroer, will talk with EMERCE about current trends and futureproof solutions in e-commerce strategies. The video is in Dutch.

About the video
Do you want to sell on marketplaces, optimize your multichannel or omnichannel strategy or create your own niche marketplace? And what will be your e-commerce strategy in the years to come? As an e-commerce manager, you'll probably look for opportunities to grow continuously. So, which strategy do you choose and how do you remain agile? What are possible alternatives?

In this EMERCE video, Renske de Bruine talks with Michiel about the advantages and disadvantages of the different e-commerce strategies. And you will receive important tips on how to stay on the right track in our rapidly changing market.

To watch this video, register for this EMERCE E-commerce Strategy Talk and add this video to your watch list. On April 14th you will be able to watch this video. The video will be in Dutch.

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