pak deze 5 conversiekillers aan

Tackle these 5 conversion killers

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Is the turnover of your webshop lagging behind expectations or do you want to grow further? Then it is important to make it as easy as possible for your customers. The more effort a customer has to put in to buy, the more likely they are to drop out. Tackle these 5 conversion killers and get more out of your webshop or opt for the Conversion Booster for even more success.

Conversion killer 1: Unclear call-to-action

It is important that all call-to-action buttons in your webshop stand out. For example, give it a different color. When the click-through rate (CTA) stands out well enough, it is clear to the customer what to do with it. The most important call-to-action is the shopping cart button on the product page. So make sure it stands out and increase your conversion.

Conversion killer 2: Unexpected charges during checkout

The most common reason for not completing an order is additional costs in the shopping cart. 61% of customers give this as a reason for not completing an order. For example, think of unexpected shipping costs or costs to pay. Therefore, inform customers in good time about any additional costs or choose, for example, to make all payment options free.

Conversion killer 3: Mandatory registration

Do you also require a customer to create an account before he or she can complete the order? There is a good chance that you will miss orders because of this. Research by the Baymard Institute (US) shows that 35% of customers do not complete their order with mandatory registration. Checkout is faster without creating an account first. Would you still like customers to register? Then give that option after placing the order. You can also motivate a customer by offering additional benefits. For example, the Bijenkorf offers everyone with an account free shipping as standard.

Conversion killer 4: Unclear delivery times

When will a product be delivered? 16% of customers choose to place the order elsewhere when the delivery time is unknown or too long. For a good customer experience, it is therefore important that the customer can see at a glance when the product will be delivered.

Conversion killer 5: Sliders on landing pages

Do you also have a large slider on the homepage with fast moving banners? There is a good chance that the message from these sliders will not reach the customer. By moving the sliders quickly, a message is less noticeable or disappears when the customer shows interest. For more conversion, use a still banner with a clear call-to-action and message.

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