Segmenteren binnen je mailinglist

Segmentation in your mailing lists

Lisa Rops -

Have you ever thought about how you can increase the open and click-through rates of your newsletter? How can you make your newsletters more interesting for your reader? There are all kinds of options to do that. One of these is segmentation based on interests. And that's as simple as it sounds: ask your readers what they actually find interesting and send them customized newsletters.

That does not mean that you should send every reader a different newsletter, but that you generally send more on the right content. Think of your most important product groups. Because the content is much better suited to the interests of the reader, it is a logical consequence that your open and click ratios will increase.

How do I do that?

Most email systems allow you to create groups or areas of interest. You choose these yourself, for example based on your most important categories or services. You add it on the profile-change page. Once the interests are saved, they are associated with that person's email address and stored.

When sending a newsletter, you can then choose segment (group of interest) A or B.

Don't know the interests?

There is a simple solution to this: ask your reader. That's not bad at all! Customers often even like that their opinion is asked and that they are listened to.

Send a campaign asking if people want to fill in their interests and tell them you want to know so that they can send more relevant information. Who wouldn't want more relevant newsletters in the email forest?

Does this mean that you no longer send regular newsletters at all? No, it is not. There will still be messages that are of interest to everyone. Promotions, blogs, new products, etc. Segmenting by interest is a deepening of your email marketing. And of course there are countless other ways to make your email marketing more relevant. However, this is a step that is relatively easy to apply in a relatively short time.

Want to start?

First, think carefully about which areas of interest you would like to know from your readers.

Create it in your mail provider and finally send your readers a stimulating campaign to supplement their data. Optionally, you can raffle an incentive among everyone who has completed his or her data, to encourage more people.

And last but not least: adjust your newsletter strategy accordingly and start sending segmented mailings.

Good luck!

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Lisa Rops
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