Verleid je klant met betere productteksten

Seduce your customers with better product texts

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In a webshop with many products it is quickly easy to add the standard product texts of the supplier. Still, it is better to write a unique product text yourself. This makes your webshop more recognizable for the customer, and it also becomes easier to find in Google. With the tips below you can easily write better product texts for your webshop.

Write something… anything

To make a difference for your visitors and especially Google, it is important that you write something. There is a good chance that there are also competitors with the same suppliers and therefore the same product texts. Write completely new texts, or adjust the existing product texts so that your texts are unique. Write the texts in the tone of voice of your webshop to always give the customer the same feeling. (A good example of this is Coolblue.)

Write the texts for your customers

Who are your customers, and what do they find important? Keep the answers to these questions in mind when writing new product texts. Enticing customers to make a purchase is easier when the customer feels understood.

Seduce your customers with better product texts

Tell a story

Why did you start a webshop, and what is the reason why the customer should buy from you? Tell an authentic story and link this to the product texts. With this you help the customer visualize why he really cannot live without this product. Linking the story of your webshop to product texts also makes it easier to keep the tone of voice the same.

Pay attention to the details

It's good to tell a nice story about the product you're selling, but don't forget the details. For example, mention the color, material, battery life or other important details of the product. Pay attention to the search behavior of your customers in the details. A product name such as “Smartphone large battery” makes little sense when customers search for “Smartphone with long battery life”.

Make benefits concrete

Is the high customer satisfaction a reason to buy from you, or is your order packaged better than at the competition? Make this concrete and show it on your webshop. For example, customer reviews do better than simply saying your service is good.

By substantiating claims about service, quality, etc., you show the customer why he should buy from you.

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