E-commerce SaaS platform release notes

Release notes v1.23, v1.24 and v1.25

Rogier Bestebroer -

In the releases of NextChapter v1.23, v1.24 and v1.25 a large number of improvements have been made. The most important in a row:


  • Shipment allocation in combination with Business ruling. Especially important if shipments are handled by different locations

  • New module: Pick lists -> customers can now pick shipments per order, also functionality to allocate items to other locations

  • New business rule for Stock allocation: @random

  • Personalization

  • Product recommendations

  • Homepage recommendations

  • Newsletter recommendations


  • New condition within Shopping cart promotions: Features (this was already possible within Product promotions)

  • Added a new promotion within Promotions: percentage discount on the most expensive product

  • Meta description in all NextChapter parts increased to max 325 characters due to Google update

  • All relevant Productvars such as Type, Id, Price, Currency, Brand, Name, Category and SubCategory are dynamically sent to the Datalayer of Google Tag Manager on every product page by default. This is relevant for Online marketers to push all kinds of scripts via GTM.


  • Major update regarding VAT up to and including all PSP integrations. Important for B2C and B2B shops

  • VAT is now reversed if Invoice Country is different from Tax Country

  • Improvement in Canceling AfterPay orders in checkout -> Orders are now canceled immediately underwater

  • Major improvements in Shipments and Returns

  • Suppliers added as Filter within Search technology for all shops. Can be used for Backoffice, can be switched off for Front

  • X number of improvements in front core, all shops helped immediately

  • New setting for Order Processing (based on Order Status)

  • Be able to place order number in mails such as Confirmation mail and Order allocation mail

  • New API integration with The Feedback Company

  • Refactoring all kinds of imports such as Product, Shipment, Returns and Stock

  • Improved and added many things within Site Specific Content

  • Improvements in Instore channel, e.g. being able to manage Theme and Slider images per instore shop (Kiosk)

  • Update in Domain aliases

back office

  • New reporting for Twinfield accounting

  • Refactoring Returns and Invoicing

  • Be able to apply Negative and Positive corrections within Returns

  • Many usability improvements and extra filters within certain tabs such as Text Blocks, Picklists etc…

  • External Stock locations without stock are by default no longer shown

  • Search technology has been integrated within Product Collections, Text Blocks and Landing Pages and all other filters are now shown in addition to the Category, Brand and Suppliers filter. This is very relevant for Online Marketers and Content Managers because the right products can now be found and linked even faster.


A significant number of customers migrated back to Order Management 2.0 and Omnichannel inventory.


All issues in all applications are resolved and live.