E-commerce SaaS platform release notes

Release notes v1.20, v1.21 and v1.22

Rogier Bestebroer -

In the releases of NextChapter v1.20, v1.21 and v1.22 a large number of improvements have been made. The most important in a row:

Smartphone/Tablet Multi-filtering

The filtering and sorting on the smartphone, tablet, in-store and sales assistant channel has been greatly improved. An important upgrade because from 2018 it is expected that >50% of transactions will go via smartphone. It is now possible to select multiple values ​​per filter and the space on the screen has been handled pixel-perfectly. The usability has also been optimally conceived and implemented to be able to find even better products.

Omnichannel improvements

Various improvements for omnichannel have been made in these releases, such as improved inventory allocation. For example, it is possible to combine stock from an unlimited number of locations and to determine via business rules which location(s) will be allocated the stock in an order. The location can also receive a notification by email if this stock has been allocated.

Furthermore, an Omnichannel customer can get an overview of all orders per site every night, including the allocated stock per location. An overview of the stock quantities per location is also possible.

Promotion module improvements

  • A new promotion has been added: percentage discount on the most expensive product.

  • A new setting has also been added within a promotion that makes stack discounts possible.

  • Improvement in the cart concerns a promotion code: if a promotion code is valid, but the corresponding promotion is not, a neat message is now shown.

Minimum and maximum stock

It is now possible to set the minimum and maximum stock for the cart per product. This means that a product may, for example, be sold a maximum of 3x in a cart, even if there is more stock. We immediately included minimum stock so that it is possible that a product can only be purchased, for example, if you order at least 3 of them.

Photo Collage

A wonderful new branding feature. Photo collages can be made with high-res photos and these can be called from, for example, a theme image. An example is to show a store beautifully via this tool or to visualize a certain event. For more information, please contact NextChapter.

Major core updates in the back office concern OM2.0

Refunds, Returns, Invoices (debit and credit) and Shipments have all been improved.

back office

All kinds of improvements have been made to make the back office more user-friendly. For example, the date/time fields are now in the header and a number of product level fields have been moved to an Advanced tab so that the General tab has become smaller and faster.

All bugs reported by customers and/or self-identified have been resolved. This makes NextChapter error-free again.