E-commerce SaaS platform release notes

Release notes v1.16

Rogier Bestebroer -

In the release of NextChapter v1.16 a large number of improvements have been made. The most important in a row:

Order allocation phase 1

Orders with items in different locations can now be shipped directly to the right location using all kinds of different business rules. This gives omnichannel (r)etailers the opportunity to process orders from multiple locations and to determine which location receives which order based on business rules.

Order management 2.0

Once again, customers have been transferred to order management 2.0. They now benefit from faster order processing and better inventory management. The new order management is well received by all customers who are now working with it.

Integration with Stockbase

NextChapter is now linked to Stockbase, which means that more can be sold on a web store. After all, Stockbase joins forces between supplier and (r)etailer, both nationally and internationally.

Staging environment

The staging websites are now just as fast as the live version.

Improved usability frontend

The usability on all channels is greatly improved when users page, sort and/or filter on a webshop. Users now end up exactly where they want when they use these functionalities.

Improved breadcrumbs

The technology behind the breadcrumbs has been greatly improved, so that Google indexes them better and always shows the correct data. This makes the webshop even easier to find in Google.

New role for retailers

A new role has been added in the NextChapter backend so that stores can only view orders in Order management that have been made on the in-store shops of their store.

Updates in imports

All default NextChapter imports such as Products, Stock, Images, Shipments and Returns have been updated.

Back office UX

All kinds of improvements have been made to make the back office more user-friendly.

All bugs reported by customers and/or self-identified have been resolved. This makes NextChapter error-free again.