Release Notes March 2022

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The NextChapter eCommerce Platform is continuously updated and innovated. In these March 2022 Release Notes, we have listed a number of important improvements for you, that you may want to have implemented in your webshop(s).

These Release Notes concern:

  1. E-commerce platform
    1.1. Marketing & frontend features
    1.2. E-commerce features

  2. NextChapter Core

  3. New webshops & designs

In addition to the delivery of features and integrations, we are constantly working on various product developments. Examples of this, are the continued development of APIs, PIM and OMS. So keep an eye on our blog, LinkedIn page and newsletter and you’ll won’t miss anything. Would you like to know more about the release notes or their implementation onto your webshop(s) and channels? Please contact us.

1) E-commerce platform

1.1. Marketing & frontend features

Sticky shopping cart on product pages
Often webshops have large or long product pages with a lot of information. As a result, visitors aren't always seeing the “add to cart” button while surfing. With our new sticky cart button, the NextChapter platform supports conversion increase by always showing a cart button, despite the position of your visitors on the product page. Available on responsive webshops, on all devices and especially useful on mobile devices.

For example:

Newest version of API
NextChapter eCommerce updated the integration to the latest API version of

PDP referral to local store webshop
Several retail companies strategically focus on their physical stores in order to offer a high level of personal customer contact. They may launch a “tree” of webshops: one central webshop with national exposure and local store webshops that cover the assortment and content of each local store.

For these particular cases, NextChapter eCommerce innovated a new feature. With this feature a visitor of the central shop's product detail page (PDP), can choose in which store they want to buy the product. After choosing a store, this visitor is redirected to exactly the same PDP of the local store webshop (that also runs on the NextChapter platform), where they can buy the product.

For example:
Retail brand X has a central webshop, that shows product information but doesn't provide a buying option. X also services 10 local store webshops (A-J). On the product page, X shows the visitor which of their local store webshops (A-J) has this product in stock. The visitor chooses a local store webshop, clicks and buys the product there.

1.2. E-commerce features

Multiple return addresses
When selling on different channels, like webshop(s) and marketplaces, sometimes it's necessary to use different (return) addresses. This extension of the NextChapter carrier module makes it possible to use multiple addresses per fulfilment location. With this you can use different addresses per channel and per shipping country.

Shipping country example:
Webshop/location X ships to Belgium and The Netherlands. For The Netherlands they use return address A and for Belgium address B.

Channel example:
Webshop/location Y wants to use a different return address for orders sold via a marketplace than for orders sold via their own webshop.

Realtime stock check in checkout
In order to minimize mispicks or incorrect stock information on your webshop, the NextChapter platform can service a realtime stock check just before the customer pays the order. Recently, we made this feature also available for webshops using the It's Perfect ERP system. If you are interested in this feature, please contact us.

2) NextChapter Core

Platform performance
In February, we completed important updates in the core of the platform, making your webshop(s) significantly faster. Using specialized tooling, we closely monitored the performance scores before and after the updates. Because technical performance is key for a SaaS platform, we always keep focus on this topic. Obviously, this speed gain leads to a better user experience for your webshop visitors and has positive effects on turnover (conversion).

3) New webshops & designs

Launch of women fashion brand webshop Miss Etam
This well-known fashion brand in woman's fashion is reborn: new owners, a new collection and a new e-commerce platform that supports their multichannel strategy. Miss Etam is using the NextChapter PIM, OMS, technical integrations and of course the brand new webshop

Redesign of women fashion brand webshop DIDI
DIDI and NextChapter eCommerce redesigned the webshop DIDI made a successful comeback as Dutch online fashion brand in 2021. DIDI is already preparing their next steps of expansion, with a redesign as good starting point. The new webshop is responsive, fashionable and has a sticky cart button on product pages:

Redesign of lingerie brand webshop Sam Friday
Also Sam Friday launched a redesign of their webshop Sam Friday is successful Dutch brand for lingerie, that sells their products multichannel: via their webshop, Instagram, self-owned stores and via retail partners such as De Bijenkorf. The new webshop is responsive and a nice example of a modern fashion brand webshop.

Redesign of shoe brand Van Dalen
Shoe brand Van Dalen is a familiar face in the Netherlands for nearly 150 years. This month the webshop was turned responsive and has had a complete makeover.

No Bugs

Issues and bugs in the platform are always directly fixed by us. Therefore the NextChapter Platform is completely bug free.


Do you have any questions about the Release Notes of March 2022 or their implementation on your webshop(s) and channels? Let us know. Check our previous Release Notes here.

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