PIM Release notes bevatten de laatste updates en optimalisaties

PIM Release Notes Q2 2023

Menno Hoek -

NextChapter PIM is one of the core modules of the NextChapter platform. In these release notes, we provide an overview of new features and optimizations.

1. First in Brief

NextChapter believes that "perfect article data" is for successful e-commerce. That is why we work continuously with a dedicated team to further develop PIM.

NextChapter PIM is optimized for multichannel sales. With PIM you can import item master data from data sources. Through smart functionalities in PIM you structure, validate and enrich the master data to perfect article data. You then publish the article data on your sales channels, such as your web shops and market places.

2. PIM engine renewed

In the past 12 months we have renewed the technical core of PIM. This has made PIM more scalable, faster and more secure. This technical work takes place out of sight, but is therefore not less important.

3. New features

With new features we improve your possibilities and user experience in PIM.

  • Content per sales channel
    We have made managing specific content per sales channel easier for you. Via clear filter logic you can now define channel-specific content. This allows you to show certain content on one channel but not on another. Via the new filter logic, you can easily define the assortment and article data per channel.

  • Price per sales channel
    From now on you can also manage the price per sales channel: multichannel price management from your central PIM. This is important for implementing your multichannel strategy, where price can be an important factor.You can enter the price per sales channel via the user interface, via import processes or via the API. Through exports or through the API you can send the right prices to the right sales channels.

  • Performance of imports
    Technical performance in import processes has our continuous attention, also because more and more of our customers are importing large numbers of article data (>100,000 sku). The speed of the import process in PIM has improved significantly.

  • Validation per language
    For products with multiple languages, validation on multilingual fields has been made more flexible. You can now apply validation to the fields per language. This allows you, for example, to add new languages to an (existing) product and turn on validation for that language later.

  • Removing property values in bulk
    It may happen that you want to remove a large amount of product property values from PIM. For example after an import with wrong data. It is now possible to easily remove property values in bulk through the user interface. This allows you to quickly remove contaminated data from PIM and keep the system clean, and your data organized.

  • Faster user interface
    You can enrich data in PIM where the fields contain HTML coding, for example a piece of text with certain styling for the web shop. We have implemented improvements on these HTML fields that have greatly improved the loading speed and user experience of pages with these fields in the user interface. Especially for products with many HTML fields for 'content per sales channel' this speed improvement is strongly visible.

  • Export of article data
    It is now even easier to export, download and save article data in Excel/CSV files. The files are saved within your management environment.

  • Multiple timings
    Setting timings for different imports and exports has been improved, allowing you to set unlimited import and export timings from within PIM.


NextChapter PIM now has an extensive API with various endpoints. With the API, PIM can be flexibly and realtime integrated with other systems. This involves both inbound and outbound article data including the structure of the data.

The API offers new possibilities for the scalability of your e-commerce activities.

Bug free
Issues and bugs in PIM are always picked up, solved and put live immediately by NextChapter. NextChapter PIM is therefore completely bug free.

Keep an eye on our blog, LinkedIn page and newsletter so that you do not miss anything. Do you have questions about the release notes or are you curious about the implementation of specific PIM features? Please contact us via sales@nextchapter-ecommerce.com or by phone +31(020)-423 5358.

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