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New investor for NextChapter eCommerce

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NextChapter eCommerce welcomes a new investor as of December 1, 2020. With this, the company is taking a major step in its strategy to become a leading international marketplace solution. With the investment, NextChapter will further expand its platform into a marketplace solution. Now in the Netherlands, but later also abroad.

With this investment we can take the step towards a marketplace solution.

Michiel Bestebroer, CEO and co-founder of NextChapter eCommerce: “This investment is great news. We can now accelerate our strategy. In the past 8 years we have built a multichannel e-commerce platform under our own power. With this investment we can take the step towards a marketplace solution. 20 years ago, the supply chain determined what, how, when and where we bought. Now the buyer decides that. Entrepreneurs must align their e-commerce strategy and sales channels with it. They will organize themselves as collectives or open their platform to external sellers. Wholesalers, franchise companies, brands, producers and (r)etailers are starting a niche marketplace to counterbalance major players such as Amazon, and Zalando. They need a solid platform that can grow with their strategy and provide the technical foundation to integrate with their existing systems.”

Details about the deal will not be disclosed, but “it is a significant investment that will allow us to move forward for 3 years”, says Michiel. The current NextChapter platform already serves large parties with a multichannel strategy. The development for the next 2 years is therefore aimed at further deepening and expanding this foundation into an advanced marketplace solution.

In addition to the emergence of niche marketplaces, NextChapter eCommerce also sees a strongly increasing demand for multichannel solutions that can deliver B2C, B2B and D2C channels from one platform. Flexibility is paramount: in times of Corona, for example, it must be possible to launch new webshops very quickly, using the underlying central PIM and central processes for stock, orders and system integrations. The NextChapter eCommerce platform is built on this, allowing existing customers to centrally run their various sales channels from NextChapter eCommerce. Michiel says about this: “We offer all possibilities to fully manage the processes that were previously in silos from one central backbone. We see marketplace concepts emerging in both the B2C and B2B channels, where they sometimes even merge together.”

Next year, the platform will celebrate its 10th anniversary. This will be celebrated with the launch of a rebranding, a new website and an event to be announced at a later date.

It is a significant investment that will allow us to move forward for 3 years.

About NextChapter eCommerce

NextChapter eCommerce was created 9 years ago as a spin-off of a web agency and was founded by the two brothers Michiel Bestebroer and Rogier Bestebroer. The company has grown into an e/commerce platform with major customers such as SPORT2000, Leclerc, PGZ and Euretco. NextChapter eCommerce provides an advanced and scalable platform for multichannel eCommerce. Modern technology and years of expertise in e-commerce provide the foundation for performance, scalability, smart functionalities and error-free processes from a powerful SaaS core. A powerful platform that grows with entrepreneurs, while giving them more time and resources to grow their business.

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