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New business strategy reinforced with rebranding: Unlock your growth.

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New business strategy reinforced with rebranding: Unlock your growth
NextChapter Omnichannel Commerce is now: NextChapter eCommerce. Where our adventure started as a startup – with the very first software for mobile webshops – we have now grown into a scaleup with a strategic focus on multichannel e-commerce and marketplace software. This includes a new corporate identity that reflects where we are now. The NextChapter systems and our website have therefore been given a new look.

Unlock your growth.
The NextChapter platform already serves its customers with a multichannel sales strategy, and the further development of our advanced marketplace solution has been added. NextChapter eCommerce is all about making our customers grow. And making our customers successful through our partnership. 'Unlock your growth' was therefore chosen as the overarching pay-off, with support from the 'next level e-commerce platform for growth'.


Background: Marketplace solution
20 years ago, the supply chain determined what, how, when and where consumers bought. The buyer now decides that himself and is increasingly shopping online at marketplaces and social platforms. Through Google, small webshops have to compete against very large companies worldwide. A solution for this is to develop as a company into a sector or niche marketplace. A marketplace has the potential for exponential growth. Because you can offer many and diverse products on a webshop, from other suppliers (vendors), you can offer a better customer experience, stimulate more sales and thereby attract new vendors, etc.

Ecommerce trend
The time for this choice is now. The ultimate prediction in e-commerce is that there will be room left for one or only a few dominant (niche) marketplaces per industry or product segment. It is no longer a question of whether these will come, but rather when and who will claim these positions. A number of major players will soon be swallowing up the competition. And entrepreneurs must therefore determine in their e-commerce strategy whether they respond to this or not.

Because of this prediction, since 2020 we have focused on the further development of our marketplace software and to help companies to become their own (niche) marketplace. Wholesalers, franchise companies, brands, producers and (r)etailers can thus counterbalance players such as Amazon, and Zalando.

With our platform we laid a foundation for this years ago. The NextChapter platform can handle complex situations, read multiple systems and data imports in real time, spread payments across suppliers, and much more.

Multichannel e-commerce strategy
In addition to the rise of niche marketplaces, there is still a strongly increasing demand for multichannel solutions that can deliver B2C, B2B channels and marketplaces from one platform. Flexibility is paramount: last year, for example, it had to be possible to launch new web shops very quickly, using the underlying central PIM and central processes for stock, orders and system integrations. The NextChapter eCommerce platform is built on this, allowing existing customers to centrally run their various sales channels from the platform.

Do you have questions about our multichannel e-commerce solution or the marketplace solution? Let us know.

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