How brands and retail can survive in the digital jungle

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On 7 July 2021, NextChapter CEO Michiel Bestebroer presented the lecture 'How brands and retail can survive in the digital jungle' at the Webwinkel Vakdagen in the theme Strategy & Growth. You can watch this lecture here:

How brands and retail can survive in the digital jungle

The e-commerce patient is ill. If you look closely, most companies actually all build the same e-commerce platform. In the fashion industry alone, brands, retailers and etailers spend €500,000,000 on their own, almost identical e-commerce platforms. In addition, there are costs for online marketing and returns. Marketplaces seem attractive but they own the customer relationship. Everyone is looking for solutions and new possibilities, but what are they? Which e-commerce strategy is best for you?

NextChapter eCommerce is a next level e-commerce SaaS platform for multichannel selling and starting your own marketplace. Do you want to grow without technical limitations? Are you looking for a strong platform and a committed partner? A subscription to innovation and a lot of personal attention? Then NextChapter eCommerce is your next chapter.

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