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Client Case Schroeven-Online

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About Schroeven-Online

Schroeven-Online ("schroeven" means screws, in Dutch) is an online specialist in screws with a large and deep product range. Schroeven-Online has clear propositions aimed at consumers and business customers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

What Schroeven-Online looked for

Schroeven-Online had a strong need for a new e-commerce platform focused on efficiency, specialization and conversion in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, they were looking for a clear and effective online marketing strategy and an execution based on realistic targets. In this way, Schroeven-Online wants to acquire new customers quickly and realize an efficient retention of existing customers, with a minimal impact on costs and the internal organization.

What Schroeven-Online found

NextChapter eCommerce came up with an effective marketing approach for Schroeven-Online so that they could achieve good and stable results. The elaboration of these new ideas ensured a different market approach and expansion of the brand awareness. Through the NextChapter platform and the support of our Online Marketers, a pragmatic online marketing process was established, combined with the right tools to continuously execute effective campaigns. This resulted in a tripling of customers and turnover at Schroeven-Online.

An effective marketing approach with great, stable results including triple times our turnover.” Stefan Heijink, Owner

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