The perfect palette for LOOkX Group

Rogier Bestebroer -

  • Very usefull and efficient that we can manage and keep track of our 5 webshops in one system!


    • Cosmetics Brandhouse

    • B-2-C Brandshop, B-2-C Multi brandshop and B-2-B Dealerportal with client specific assortments, content, payment methods and prizes

    • Central eCom backbone

    • NextChapter OMS for Multichannel ordermanagement incl. central integrated ERP

    • NextChapter PIM for efficient centralized Multichannel article data

    • Brand experience by channel specific content focused on customer experience & conversion

The Client

LOOkX Group is a glorious Dutch cosmetics company. They serve B2B and B2C markets internationally with multiple brands. Including their own brand LOOkX, which has grown into a well known high-quality global brand in skin care and make-up. LOOkX's products are used by hundreds of beauty professionals, dermatologists and other retailers in 9 countries, including 500 salons in the Netherlands.

Ecommerce Strategy
LOOkX Group is spreading its umbrella. Through a lean method they create new revenue models by acquiring existing brand- and retail propositions and adding them to their portfolio. Including (multibrand) pure players, wholesalers and other cosmetic brands. They are a good example of a company with a clear vision, skills and the right attitude to take fundamental growth steps.

The Challenge

The many different takeovers in a relatively short period of time came with a challenge. The businesses all ran as separate silos on different platforms such as Magento 2 and Lightspeed with separate article, order and stock data.

B2C Shops on different platforms
LOOkX came to a fork in the road. They had the option to either maintain the current situation with different platforms and flows with a lot of connections and a large amount of maintenance. Or to create a central system landscape to optimize, centralize and streamline the separate silos and processes. With the great additional advantage that, by centralizing all processes such as article data, stock and orders, a significant advantage and a major improvement in efficiency could also be made.

B2B Dealerportal
In addition to the B2C webshops, there was also a new dealerportal on the wishlist. The dealerportal should offer a client specific assortment and content based on a certain customer group. But also the ability to assign customer-specific payment methods, such as whether or not to offer 'Pay on invoice'. Naturally, the dealer portal had to blend in perfectly with the rest of the new system landscape.

Fast time to market
Because the large number of B2C and B2B webshops also had to be optimized and transferred in a short period of time, a fast time-to-market with an effective working method was a very important factor in the search for the right party. On the one hand, experience in strong content-rich brand shops and, on the other hand, in system landscapes with high-quality e-commerce SaaS software such as a high-quality PIM and OMS for both B2C and B2B webshops.

  • Modules

    • NextChapter E-com Suite (backbone)

    • NextChapter PIM

    • Multiple Responsive webshops from one backend

    • Integration ERP (Navision)

    • Integration warehouse fulfilment party

    • Integration marketplaces such as BOL

    • Integration marketing tools EMP, CDP e.g. Datratrics, Spotler en Channable

  • Merchandising features

    • “Favoriete salon” selection in check-out

    • ‘Kassakoopjes’ en ‘Gratis samples’ in check out

    • ‘Weer op voorraad’ notification

    • Client specific assortment, content, payment methods and prizes on the dealerportal

    • Store locator

    • And more..

The Solution

LOOkX had gained enough cooperation and practical experience with various parties and e-com platforms through their many acquisitions. And therefore had a good overview of the various possibilities and options. After careful consideration, a short list of a few agencies was created which included Magento, Lightspeed & NextChapter. Of all options and platforms, LOOkX has selected NextChapter to take on the multifaceted challenge of consolidating everything in a partnership alignment. The combination of a previous positive experience, fast time-to-market with SaaS software and an integration partner was decisive, among other things.

The Delivery

Multichannel sales from one central platform with ERP integration
To centralize and optimize all e-commerce activities, NextChapter has set up the central backbone according to the wishes and required logic of LOOkX. All product and sales flows on multiple channels with an ERP integration are seamlessly working together. For example, multichannel selling on B2C, B2B channels and external marketplaces from one central platform required, among other things, a central real-time logic in orders and stock to guarantee a consistent customer experience and expectation.

Multichannel article data & stock
The NextChapter PIM kills two birds with one stone. All article data and stock for multiple B2C and B2B channels is centrally managed. At the same time, the LOOkX team can efficiently enrich and optimize products per channel. For all webshops of the LOOkX Group itself, the B2B Dealer Portal, but also external sales channels such as marketplaces.

Store fronts
The specific content and visuals of all the beautiful brands are being displayed on every channel. The modern responsive webshops are aimed at radiating the professionalism and power of the LOOkX brand and the other brands that fall under the LOOkX Group. And in addition to a great brand experience, they also provide an optimal customer experience with, among other things, the 'Free samples and cash register sales' merchandise feature.

The modern and user friendly storefront designs were a positive surprise for our customers!

B2B Dealer Portal
NextChapter has developed a unique Dealer Portal for LOOkX in which a tailor-made customer-specific range, content, prices and payment methods can be assigned based on customer groups. In addition, the dealer portal has a professional look that fits in perfectly with beauty salons and other customer groups.

Together with NextChapter we have created webshops that we can be very proud of!

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