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All LOOkX Group cosmetics brands in one platform

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Case Summary

Summary of collaboration with LOOkX cosmetics

About LookX Group

LOOkX Group is a fast-growing Dutch producer and supplier of cosmetics products under various (own) brands. LookX serves D2C and B2B markets in Europe. LookX products are also used by beauty professionals, dermatologists and retailers in 9 countries, including 500 beauty salons in The Netherlands.
LOOkX applies a growth strategy through the acquisition of cosmetics brands and -companies.

The Challenge

The various acquisitions in a relatively short period of time brought challenges. The acquired companies had different e-commerce platforms, so there was no synergy in the processes, data and sales channels.

LOOkX stood at a fork in the road:

  • Integrate all platforms, or:

  • Launch a new centralized e-commerce platform

In addition to the D2C brand webshops, a B2B Dealer Portal was also on the wishlist: beauty salons use this to order their own product range via customer-specific products, content and prices.

The decision

LookX Group made their choice for NextChapter. What made the difference?

  • The multichannel capabilities

  • The SAAS engine with quickly available modules and features

  • The performance of the NextChapter Suite in other cases

  • The attractive rate structure

  • The entrepreneurial approach as partners

The delivery

NextChapter has set up a scalable e-commerce platform for LookX Group which enables LookX to further shape its growth ambitions. The PIM is suitable for article data of all brands and can be adjusted per sales channel. The OMS can process orders from all sales channels and push them to the ERP system. The other way around, the ERP system continuously feeds NextChapter with actual stock levels. LookX can manage all webshops from a central CMS (including promotion module). The webshop storefronts use a shared template as a basis, which saves costs. However, the visual appearance is unique for each brand: maximum results.

LookX serves both its D2C customers in Europe and its B2B customers in the Netherlands with the platform. The expansion to more brand webshops, countries, marketplaces or B2B portals is a matter of adding the frontend, connecting and start selling.

Together with NextChapter we have created webshops that we can be very proud of!

  • NextChapter Modules

    • PIM for multichannel article data

    • OMS for multichannel order management

    • Storefronts (webshops) with central CMS

    • Data Converter for last mile in integrations

    • Integration ERP (Navision)

    • Integration BOL.com

    • Integration marketing tools (EMP, CDP)

    • Promotion module for various (complex) promotions

  • Merchandising features

    • Promotions on product- and cart level

    • “Favorite salon” selection in checkout

    • Cart deals and free samples in checkout

    • Back in stock notification

    • Client-specific assortment, content, payment methods and prices in the B2B Dealerportal

    • Store locator

Check: www.lookx.com, www.janssencosmetics.nl, www.lkxg.com or one of our other customer cases for more e-commerce growth ideas.

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