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Black Friday ready with NextChapter eCommerce

Menno Hoek -

Black Friday is upon us again and at NextChapter we are totally ready for it! This worldwide known sales phenomenon has also gained a firm foothold in the Netherlands, and as an e-commerce entrepreneur you naturally want to make the most of these days. At NextChapter we understand this like no other, and therefore we would like to put our Banner feature in the spotlight.

What makes this feature so powerful for your sales success and how can you use it as the ultimate marketing tool? We'd like to take you through the possibilities and benefits the Banner feature has to offer.

Place strategic banners on your category and brand pages
The Banner feature is a marketing tool that can boost your sales results during Black Friday, among others. You can easily and effectively place banners on your category and brand pages. The feature offers two wonderful options for banner positions:

  1. Stylish banners between your products: Entice your customers with attractive visuals of special Black Friday deals, like Fashion Castelijn uses this banner position to promote their shopping Sundays.

Castelijn gebruikt de bannering feature van NextChapter eCommerce

2. Banners across the entire width of the webshop: A banner position like Didi is deploying now, this is the perfect way to highlight your Black Friday offers and promotions.

Didi gebruikt de bannering feature van NextChapter eCommerce

Fully Configurable
Easily configure the Banner feature to your needs. Choose banner positions, the pages on which specific banners appear, and set flexible start and end dates, including specific times of day, at the touch of a button. Effortlessly create multiple banners for different pages. All in real time and, of course, fully responsive.

Design options
With complete freedom to design banner positions, you decide whether to work with visuals, text or buttons.

For various communication purposes
The Banner feature is of course not only ideal for Black Friday sales. Think of making your webshop more visually appealing with mood images, placing ads, promoting specific offers, or even announcing job openings and of course during all the other upcoming holidays like Sinterklaas and Christmas.

No hassle with external tools
Everything is centrally located in the NextChapter system, so you can quickly go live in your webshop.

Commercial opportunities
The Bannering feature also opens up exciting commercial opportunities for you. You have the ability to rent banner positions to brands or parties whose products you sell. This gives their products additional exposure, while your business generates additional revenue. Win-win!

Menno Hoek
Marketing - Events - Social Media