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Become a marketplace: essential tips for this growth strategy

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On July 8, 2021, NextChapter CEO Michiel Bestebroer presented the lecture “Become a marketplace: essential tips for this growth strategy” at the Webwinkel Vakdagen in the topic 'Strategy & Growth'. Watch this lecture here:

Become a marketplace

54% of all e-commercial transactions in the Netherlands already go through a marketplace. We can state that online marketplaces do the right trick. The distribution line has changed. What consumers want, has changed. NextChapter eCommerce has developed 4 strategies for you to grow despite these developments. Becoming a (niche) marketplace is one of them. And probably the most interesting. Michiel Bestebroer takes you into the world of “becoming a marketplace”. You will receive essential tips to determine whether this is a smart or logical step for your company.

NextChapter eCommerce is a next level e-commerce SaaS platform for multichannel sales and starting your own marketplace. Do you want to grow without technical limitations? Are you looking for a strong platform and a committed partner? A subscription to innovation and a lot of personal attention? Then NextChapter eCommerce is your next chapter.

What's next?

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