Overstappen naar een ander e-commerce platform

5 tips for switching to a different e-commerce platform

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So, you want to switch to another e-commerce platform. You'll need to think about the migration of your current webshop to the new platform. Before you start this, it's good to think about the following 5 points. This way you are well prepared and the transition could be quite effortless.

1. What do you want as the end result of your new webshop?

Do you want a new webshop that is completely customised, does it have to contain specific functions, or is a simple webshop sufficient? Before you think about switching to a new e-commerce platform, it is important to think about your wishes and discuss them with providers. This way you know in advance whether the webshop can become the way you would like it to be.

2. Which system connections do you need?

Now that you know what the desired end result is, you should start thinking about the other systems you use. This includes ERP systems, payment providers, and possibly cash register connections. When you have an overview of all systems that need to be linked to the new webshop, you can work with a developer or provider to realize this.

3. Plan the migration or have it done

When do you want the new webshop live? It is important to plan the entire process from start to finish. This way you will not be faced with surprises and all parties involved know where they stand. If you switch to the NextChapter platform, we will of course arrange the entire project planning for you.

4. Which KPIs do you want to grow after the migration?

At point 1, you should have already thought about the end result of your new webshop. How do you want it to look and work? Before you switch, it is also important what kind of targets you want to achieve. Do you want more turnover, more satisfied customers, or fewer returns with a new webshop? Answering this question also makes it easier to calculate whether it is worth the investment.

5. How will you inform customers?

Is the switch to a new platform a party for all your customers, or do they have to sign up again? Make sure that you have clear as soon as possible whether all customer data can be transferred to the new webshop. This way you also know whether you can only bring good news or also an important message to your customers via social media or a newsletter.

Are you in doubt about the switch to a new e-commerce platform, or do you want to know what we can do for you? Let's Talk!

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