5 tips for a conversion boost during the holidays

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It's mid-November again and for many (r)etailers the most important time of the year is approaching: the holidays. To make the holidays extra successful this year, we have 5 handy tips for extra conversion. This way you can finish the year with a banging turnover. Do you also simply want more conversion for the rest of the year? Then discover the conversion booster.

1. Set your goals in advance

The last months of the year are always hectic, so it is important to set your goals in advance. Do you want more orders, a higher order amount or, above all, a higher conversion during the holidays? By determining this in advance, it is easier to analyze the results afterwards. Was it a success, or should something else be done for 2018?

2. Help your customers with a gift guide

Everyone is busy during the holidays, so help your customers buy their gifts. With a gift guide you offer customers a complete overview of the most beautiful items to give as gifts. This way they don't have to search as long, and this is good for the conversion.

Make it even easier for your customers by creating different landing pages with products in a fixed price category. By linking this to the sticky banner (part of the conversion booster) you put the gift guide even more in the sparkling spotlight.

3. Personalize your offer

The chance that a customer will do something with an offer is about 4x greater when the offer is personalized. Personalization is easiest when sending a newsletter, but can also be done on the category pages.

This way your customer will see an offer that matches his or her personal wishes and order history. This again shortens the search time and ultimately increases conversion.

4. Take advantage of cross/upsell or package promotions

When your goal is to increase the average order amount, cross/upsell or package promotions can be a solution. This not only makes it possible to sell a more expensive variant, with a higher margin, but you also give the customer the opportunity to order accessories that can lead to repeat purchases at a later date.

In addition, you can also make use of smart checkout deals. These are only shown in the shopping cart and give you the opportunity to let the customer buy that extra product. Smart checkout bargains are always tailored to the customer and the contents of the shopping cart.

5. Let your customer know that the order is still waiting for them

Don't miss out on abandoned shopping carts this year. Send your customers a gentle reminder and get more sales from this group. There are many reasons why a customer does not complete an order and a large percentage of these customers still buy after a gentle reminder.

With these 5 tips you are all set for successful holidays. Do you want even more success all year round? Discover the NextChapter Conversion Booster and let's talk!

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